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left tail ight not working blows fuse immediately

Left rear tail light blows fuse immediately after light switch turned on, all bulbs ok, not sure where to start

Not a question but may be helpful. In issue 738 page 132 there's a question about a 1986 911: Quits running. My 1988 911 did the same. The problem was the 30 yr old security system. Heat cause expansion and shut down system.

Not a question but may be helpful. In issue 738 page 132 there's a question about a 1986 911: Quits running. My 1988 911 did the same when heated especially in summer. After spending a lot of money on sensors I took it to Eurasia Motors in Birmingham ( you once did an article on this place). Casey had seen this before on these models. It turned out the 30 year old plastic box security system had developed cracks inside. When heated they expanded and the system did what it's suppose to do, shut down the engine. When cooled everything went back to normal.

Battery issue

I recently acquired a 1986 911 Targa.  I'm using my Porsche battery maintainer (980-611-981-00) but experiencing battery drain after only 2-3 days from the last time a drove the car.  I spoke with the seller and they claim not experiencing this issue.  Since purchasing the car two months ago, I replaced the passenger power window switch - it was operable but the switch stuck when pushed in the down position.  I've checked the door switches and trunk light after turning the ignition off.  And the power windows will only work until opening the door - when the circuit appears to properly cut p

turn signals on one side flash fast.

Turn signals flash fast and not as bright on one side. Work fine on other side.  Appears the wrong filament on a dual filament lamp is getting voltage, however the parking light works fine.  On the front lights both the main light and side light are lighting up in turn signal mode and flashing fast while on the other side only the front light works as a turn signal (slow flash).  Side light is parking light only.  Ive checked for correct lamps and wiring seems to be intact.  Have not changed relay becasue the other side works fine.  

My 1988 won't start when hot is it the temp sensor?

Hi Chris, I am wondering if the cylinder sensor is bad on my 1988 911? The car starts perfect until i drive further than 15 miles. Then when stop and shut the engine off, and start it right away it starts no problem, then when the car sits for 30 minutes to an hour it cranks, but no start. Then it won't start or even fire, just turns over and over. Several hours later 2 to 5 the engine will start.

Defroster with light - tunnel

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the defroster indicator light (on the tunnel)? I am not getting power to it and am not sure how to access and where it connects to get power.  Same question for seat belt indicator light.  Bulbs have already been changed.  This is for a 1989 Targa.

3.2 Starter Replace

My 3,2 fails to turn over and start, A jump does not start it but it can be push started.There is a little electical noise when the key is turned but no loud click.

Parking lights with turn signal

When i click on the turn signal with the ignition turned off, the left-only or right-only parking light should come on. On my car they both come on, they do not separate.  What could be causing this?



Need a new battery for my car, the one i was buying is no longer available.  Any brand recommendation of some good ones?

Thank You


How does one find a short in wiring from fuse box to left front marker light without dismantling the body parts?

Left front marker is out. Mechanic located a short between fuse box and lamp. Says getting at the wiring requires taking apart the bodywork at the base of the left front fender forward of the wheel -- an expensive activity. Is this the only way in? All suggestions appreciated.



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