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Defroster with light - tunnel

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the defroster indicator light (on the tunnel)? I am not getting power to it and am not sure how to access and where it connects to get power.  Same question for seat belt indicator light.  Bulbs have already been changed.  This is for a 1989 Targa.

3.2 Starter Replace

My 3,2 fails to turn over and start, A jump does not start it but it can be push started.There is a little electical noise when the key is turned but no loud click.

Parking lights with turn signal

When i click on the turn signal with the ignition turned off, the left-only or right-only parking light should come on. On my car they both come on, they do not separate.  What could be causing this?



Need a new battery for my car, the one i was buying is no longer available.  Any brand recommendation of some good ones?

Thank You


How does one find a short in wiring from fuse box to left front marker light without dismantling the body parts?

Left front marker is out. Mechanic located a short between fuse box and lamp. Says getting at the wiring requires taking apart the bodywork at the base of the left front fender forward of the wheel -- an expensive activity. Is this the only way in? All suggestions appreciated.


Fog Light Aiming

I have recently noticed that the fog lights on my 1984 Carrera Targa are not evenly aimed in the vertical plane.  The right side fog is aimed about 2" higher than the left side fog.  The horizontal adjustment looks fine.

I have had no damage to the lower valance since I purchased the car in 1997.

My question is whether there is a way to adjust the vertical aiming of my fog lights.  I can see no adjustment screws when I remove the fog light assemblies from the lower valance.






Replace or Not to Replace Original OEM Spark Plug Wires

I was told that if you have an "original" unmodified and bone stock pristine classic Porsche with very, very low miles (5400), the value of the car can be adversly effected by replacing the existing original spark plug wires that happen to be in great condition.   I have a couple of questions:


Is this true?  If so, is the value of the car positively effected by leaving them?

Are factory installed original spark plug wires date coded?




Headlight Warning Buzzer

Does the 1984 3.2 Carrera have a warning buzzer if the headlights are left on and the ignition is turned off?  I drive with my low beams on during the day to simulate DRL's and sometimes forget to turn them off when I park the car.  A warning buzzer would be helpful.

I have checked my originial '84 Owner's Manual and can see no reference to a headlight warning buzzer, but wanted to double check with the expert.



performance problem.

Original symptom: Under acceleration, 5000 rpm roughly the engine would cut out for a second or two.  When this occurs the rpm is still properly reading. If I apply more throttle, no change. If I apply the clutch the rpm drop and engine stops. (this may only occur every 5-10 drives)

- I put in a new fuel pump, but no change.

- unhooked the idle switch and no change.

losing power

My question I asked last month was never answered but was posted now the question is no longer listed, I really need help on this odd problem as it seems to have stumped many area mechanics. This car has run like a clock for the past 20 years and all of a sudden the engine started cutting out as you start accellerating once the engine warms up. The mechanic checked fuel pressure and found 2.5 bar even while the engine is cutting out. He also took apart the distributor and found nothing wrong .


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