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ODB2 Scanner recommendation

Just wondering what folks are recommending for a good ODB2 Scanner for the 911 3.2 Carrera.


Headlights for 1986 911

Pelican Parts sells a Hella H4 headlight conversion kit  (Hella 002395991)  for 911's. While the note in the listing states "Replaces 7" Round Sealed Beam Headlight. Includes- (Qty.) (1) headlight (1) bulb. "OFF-ROAD USE ONLY" Not Certified for Highway Use." The rep assures that the note refers to a DOT approval that has nothing to do with the lights being inappropriate replacements for the original 911 lights.  Is there anything wrong with using these lights?

Interior electrical issues.

I just purchased my first Porsche. A 1987 911 Carrera Coupe. The passenger side window inoperable, a/c heat fan not blowing, but air comes from demisters, side mirrors not working. Is this a wiring issue or a fuse issue? Also any recomendations of companies to fix odometer as well as gas guage?




Cruise Control

Our cruise control works but the speed slowly drops.

Whats the fix?


Tach is intermitant.

Do I pry it out like clock or speedo?

Front directional signal light fixture

Replacing front directional signal fixtures, where do the wires from the light unit connect to the system ?

Power to fuel pumps


I have an 85 Euro 930. The power going to the fuse feeding the 2 fuel pump relays is switched. I see on-line pictures of 930 fuse blocks with the voltage to the fuse shunted from the adjacent fuse which is always hot (coming directly from the battery).

This makes more sense. Why would I want the current going to two fuel pumps to go through my ignition switch? Am I missing something?



where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1986 911?

i want to replace the fuel pump /  DME relay but i dont know where it is located.

left tail ight not working blows fuse immediately

Left rear tail light blows fuse immediately after light switch turned on, all bulbs ok, not sure where to start


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