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My 911 smokes white extensively after start

I started my car after it sat for 3 months on the trickle charger, went off well, but puffed white smoke intensively. I let it run for 5 min but didn't stop the white smoking. Oil change was done before I left and was driven after that. Can I drive it, will it go away or is it something serious? What should I check first? Which steps do you recommend to do?





Motor not running smothly

My 1988 911 is in really good shape and runs pretty well except when it's driven at slow speeds.  Either warm or cold she idles fine at 900 rpm but when I start off she stutters through the gears, I don't notice it at higher speeds of 60 mph plus.

It would seem to me to be the jets or jet, what do you think?

Cold Idle Problem - 1984 911 Carrera

My 911 was running fine until about 2 months ago when it developed a cold idle problem with the following symptoms:

- starts fine, but cannot hold idle after a cold start

- for the first 5 minutes of driving (until it warms up) it hesitates when accelerating

- after the engine warms up it idles, drives, and starts perfectly

- infrequently, it will stall or almost stall when disengaging the clutch after an extended period of driving. Engine speed drops to about 200 RPM and then it either just recovers and bounces back to 800 RPM or stalls.

Light Oil Seep/Spray on rear lid above ac compressor

I have an ongoing very light amount of oil appearing as if it is spraying up on to the right side of the engine deck lid, just above my ac compressor.  Not enough to drip or even run down the lid, cannot tell where it is coming from.  Don't see the spray anywhere else.  Does not seem to appear on the ac belt either.

Car uses virtually no oil and is 100% stock motor wise other than a Steve Wong chip.


what would cause my 84 911 to act like it has hit the rev limiter at around 5000 rpm seems to what to cut out

What would cause the car to act like it is hitting the rev limiter / wants to cut out around five thousand rmp. missing for sure. although it has been a while tune up done at 56,000 miles. crank case sensor replaced less than one thousand miles ago.

pulls well / without issue untill the higer rmps.

How to change engine oil in a '93 Porsche 964

I've read that when you remove the oil filter, over a quart of oil gushes into the engine bay, is this true or fallacy?



I have been using 20w50 in the car since new, summer use only.  With all the synthetics now, and the 0w40 and now Porsches 10w60, is there a better weight I should be using.  Only a bit worried with the thicker oil about wear on start up, though as i mentioned car used only in nice weather.  Thank You!


difference between a US spec 1988 carrera and a ROW spec Carrera

1988 US spec Carrera vs a 1988 ROW spec Carrera(HP difference)

The 1988 Carrera's are speced at 217 HP with a Catalitic Converter and standard exhaust set up. The ROW cars are minus the Cat and instead have a pre-muffler and have about 230 hp. Is the cat the main difference that leads to the hp gain in the ROW cars? What else contributes to the difference in HP?


do i have to change oil hot

my car has been sitting for some time and i want to change the oil in it.  i really dont want to run it before changing the oil.  would it be ok to change the oil without starting it?



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