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Fuel System

Hard Start

Model: Carrera, Year:1985, Mileage:165K, Type of use:Street use only
When it rains and the car sits outside overnight I have a hard time starting it. After it starts, it will stutter a few times, but seems to run ok once warm. This only happens when the car is left out in the rain. Any thoughts what might be getting wet and causing this condition. The engine does not appear to be wet.

K&N Air Fuel Ratio Guage

Model: 911, Year:1984, Mileage:100k, Type of use:Street use only
I've been seeing this K&N fuel air gauge advertised...Has anyone bought and used it...I live at alt of 8600 ft. and travel to sea level quite often...I need to adj. fuel air mixture often...Gene

fuel smell

Model: 911, Year:1990, Mileage:53000, Type of use:Street use only
Just want to share my experience with my 964 fuel smell in cabin.changed filler neck, cap and rubber line to fuel pump, still had a smell.I changed the sending unit gasket, the fuel pick up gasket(bottom of tank) and the rubber fuel return line(bottom of tank), smell has been gone for a month so far

cold start problem

Model: 964, Year:1991, Mileage:76,000, Type of use:Street use only

intake stacks

Model: Carrera 4 cab., Year:1990, Mileage:73,600, Type of use:Street use only
I'm doing a reseal job on my 1990 C-4. I have noticed small vertical cracks on the intake stack just in black plastic on outside of the aluminum insert. Is there a way to seal this plastic or should they be replaced or not to worry about anyway as long as the seal to inside is not compromised?

air intake modification

Model: 911, Year:1987, Mileage:47000, Type of use:Street use only
Would there be any significant increase in performance by routing a flexible intake duct somewhere in order to bring cooler, more dense air into the engine on an 80's vintage 911? Yes, devil is in the details but just curious if someone has done this and tested it out.

High Idle Speed

Model: 911 coupe, Year:1897, Mileage:74,000, Type of use:Street use only

Raw fuel smell in exhaust

Model: 911, Year:1985, Mileage:82,000, Type of use:Street use only

Periodic Fuel leak

Model: 911 Carrera, Year:1989, Mileage:101000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Chris, you were right; almost. Found the periodic fuel leak. It was actual the return line. What made this really a serious situation was it appeared periodic. It was, depending on the flexing of the line. With just minimal move it would shoot fuel. The good news was the return line can bee replaced rather easily with the blower motor our of the way and the air filter box. Thanks for the help.

Whooshing sound when removing gas cap

Model: Carrera, Year:1984, Mileage:75000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 84 3.2 Carrera that always has a loud whooshing sound when I remove the gas cap. I have not been able to determine if there is a vacuum or pressure in the tank that is being released. The car runs fine and I have been told "don't fix it if it ain't broke". Is there a problem or is this normal? The only other symptom I have is the fuel gauge only reads ½ full when I fill up. Once the tank gets down to ½ full, the gauge starts reading normally.


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