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I have a 88 coupe that I will be driving through a few states in a week or so. What are some good suggestions for anti-theft while staying at hotels/unlocked garages?

How do I get the build sheet for my 1989 911

My 1989 911 is not an M491 Turbo Look but it has steel turbo flares and a 930 rear deck lid.  The rear lid has the VIN of the car on the underside.  I would like to find out if the flares were added at the factory.  Any suggestions?


Recommend Porsche Repair Facility in Bellevue, WA area - Need to get a PPI done.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a Porsche repair facility near Bellevue, Washington? I need to get a PPI done on an 1988 911. Thanks, Eric 

1986 cv joint boot replacement

What is the trick to getting the inner cv joint off the axel?  I want to replace the boots before they split. I have removed everything but the cage and the part that is held on by the clip. Everything I read says they just slide off once the circlip is removed, but I can't get either side to budge. Help!

The part number from the original inner cv joint is 911 332 030 01 LOBRO 42 / 85 W Germany  




Exhaust Update?

I would love to give my Carerra a little bit of help with throttle response, but not looking to make a lot of new noise and want to have a 49 state emissions compliant car.  Thinking of a Steve Wong chip and wondering whether a newer cat and mulffler would be good.  Providers seem to have mostly cat bypass and other more extreme steps.  Would it be worth seeking and installing newer exhaust equipment at all, and if so, where can I find good quality parts that leave me looking stock but with a tiny bit more zip off the line?  Thanks!

Paint Type

I want to do some touchup on my oil tank and I was wondering of the paint is flat black laquer or enamel.  I'm assuming Wurth is the paint manufacturer.  Any help is appreciated.

Can you decode this VIN. No longer have COA and want to know factory options

I’d appreciate as much info as possible about this Ruby Red Metallic 1984 Targa with 117,000.  Would like to understand factory options (no COA available).  VIN#:  WP0EB091XES161771  Exterior Paint is L810 Ruby Red Metallic.  Interior Code is YX   Option codes from sticker are:  C02  E09  220  395  409  424  577     Would appreciate as much info as possible - or if you can tell me where I can look this up I’d appreciate it!  My searches failed to locate the correct websites to find this info.  Thanks,  Carol


Loss of power at 3000 RPM in 1984 911 Carrera

I have a 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera, 90000 miles on the car driven only 500 miles per year, the car drives perfectly from 0 to 3000 RPM, after 3000 RPM there is much missing and loss of power have put in new spark plugs new spark plug wires distributor cap and rotor, and gas filter, to no avail, what is the problem, could it be dirty injectors, Richard Grant

In need of a new convertible top for a 1986 M491 cab in Stamford CT - any help?

Beginning to restore my 1986 M491 Cabriolet and am in need of a new top. Is there anyone in the area that can make a suggestion or an introduction?  Thanks very much.


Installation of Porsche Replacement Radio

I am planning on installing a Porsche replacement sat-nav radio (part no. 91164529100) in my 1988 Carrera.  Everything I've read indicates the new unit will fit right into the existing space.  The service department of a local Porsche dealership suggested that the radio should be a simple installation, "just plug and play".  Since the replacement has features that didn't exist in 1988, I doubt the installation will be as simple as suggested.  The car currently has an after-market system installed by the previous owner.  Are there other parts that I will need to complete the installation?


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