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Wheels and Tires

What size are these wheels?

When I purchased my 88 Carerra it came with a second set of Fuchs wheels mounted with winter tires.  Two of the tires mounted are 205/55/R16 and two are 225/50/R16.  The Fuchs I have on the care have the same size tires mountes. There are some numbers stamped inside the wheels.  On the 205's the stampings are 6 JX16 / 911361020 /AS1062 28139P.  On the 225's the stampings are 6 JX16 / 911.361.020 AS1062 028139.3.  Can anyone give me some info about the size of these wheels and whether they are OEM wheels?





CV axle dragging

I noticed a couple years ago it seemed that my right rear brake was dragging on the rotor. I rebuilt the calipers several years ago. Last week I sent off my calipers to PMB to be restored thinking that was the problem. While the wheels and calipers where off I turned the axle and noticed the drag still. Thinking it was the E-brake shoes I took off the rotor, spun the axle, and drag again!  What could be the issue? CV joints? Normal?  This occurs on both sides. It seems when I've driven for a while I can feel it more while coasting to a light/stop sign.

I purchased an 89 911 with 993 brakes and 17 inch Fiske wheels. How small a wheel can I go to with the 993 brakes. Thinking of 16 inch.

Hi.  The car came with 993 brakes and 17 inch wheels. Tires are 205 50 R17 front and 255 40 R17 back.  I am looking for a little smoother ride and was thinking of changing to a smaller wheel (like 15 or 16 inch). I am thinking that a smaller wheel will not accomodate the brakes. What would you suggest for a wheel tire configuration. This is primarily for pleasure driving. The current tires are high performance summer so I am also looking at an all season tire to stretch the season out a bit for the vehicle.




Best tires for my Carrera 3.2

I'm looking for tires for my 85 Carrera.The tires were on it when I purchased the car three years ago.  They are at least 10 years old and have hardened.  I don't drive in the rain and I'm not planning on putting a lot of miles on it so I don't care about tread life.  However I do plan to take a trip up the central coast.  Other than that, it's just local pleasure driving and a trip to the socal mountains on occasion. Any suggestions?  I've been looking at michelin pilot sport.



Missing a wheel lock key

Model: 911, Year:1991, Mileage:63000, Type of use:Street use only
I lost my key to unlock my wheels for my 911 .How doI get another one or what do I do?

whel offsets

Model: 911, Year:1984, Mileage:75000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 1984 911 3.2 carrera. I am looking to put 16 x 7 on the front and 16x8 on the rear.what is the offset I should know?what is the tire size I should use?Can I go with 16x8 front? 16x 9 in on the back?also what tire size?someone has had to do this before me. Can someone help me answer this question.Any help from fellow members will be greatly appreciated.Jeff

Chrome Fuchs

Model: Carrera, Year:1988, Mileage:80,000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 88 Guards Red Targa with original Fuchs.I had them polished to remove all the black. can Fuchs be chromed without any adverse effects ? I have seen chromed Fuchs on other Porsches.Thank you

Tire size options

Model: 911 Coupe, Year:1989, Mileage:12100, Type of use:Street use only
I currently have 16 inch fuch wheels with 205/50/16 front and 225/50/16 rear. What lager tires would be an option for this vehicle and should i go to a larger tire?

Optimum sizing and availability

Model: Carrera Coupe, Year:1987, Mileage:64000, Type of use:Street use only
Current wheels are 15" Fuchs and I had 225/50/15 and 245/15/50 tires which filled out the wheel wells perfectly. As you probably know no one is making a 15" street tire with those dimensions any longer so I want to move up to a 16" rim to try and fill out the wheel wells again. Is there any chance you could give me a recommendation on a replica Fuch rim manufacturer and tire sizes that will fit but not interfere with the body?

spare tire

Model: 911 Carerra, Year:1986, Mileage:52,300, Type of use:Street use only


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