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Correct wiring sequence for 1990 964 clock

Can you provide me a correct wiring sequence for the connector to the clock for my 90 model 964 C2 coupe (manual trans)? There are 15 color coded wires in this connector and they all became disconnected as I removed the clock for soldering. I found a wiring diagram and thought I had all 15 correct, but after the soldering and reattaching the connector and reconnecting the battery and using my Durametric tool to successfully reset the seat belt and air bag lights, the clock only runs when the ignition is on. Yes, the warning lights all work.

where can i find a spark plug wiring diagram?


I just completed an engine rebuild and i may have mis-routed 2 plug wires. Is there a diagram for the twin distributors? thank you, Karl

964 Spoiler tail lift retract

Does anyone know where I can soruce just the rubber groments that support the Spoiler Tail Lift Retract Drive motor.  Mine are worn out and Porshce only sells the motor and groments as a package.







Airbag and seat belt lights on!

Hi there - I know this has been discussed extensively my apologies upfront if there is a better place to start searching for this...

964 Speedometer Not Working

My speedometer stopped working, first the odometer then the speedometer. I removed speedometer and opened it thinking it may be the gears but gears look good. Tested cable with a voltmeter and I am getting a reading when driving, therefore I do not think it is the sensor. Is there a way to test the speedometer motor? Thank you

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