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964 Dual Mass Flywheel

I have a 1992 Carrera 2 with the 3.6L engine and 5 speed transmission. Car runs and looks great. As the mileage is getting high I am considering investing more into the car to address common issues ( engine overhaul, clutch replacement, etc.) I understand these vehicles come with a dual mass rather than single mass flywheel. Are dual mass flywheels problematic? If so, how do i determine if my vehicle has a dual mass flywheel and if it needs to be replaced? Engine and transmission perform very well. 

All belts replacement

Hello everyone,

I am wondering how much it costs to replace all three engine belts or if it is worth to just replace them myself following pelicans DIY post

Oil smoke on startup after 5 month storage.

When I started the car after 5 months storage it smoked a lot.  I drove it about 2 miles and it seemed to go away when I got back to my garage. I thought that maybe I had overfilled it. I drained the engine sump and got 6 quarts and only 3 quarts from the dry sump. Should it be the reverse? What may have caused this and what should I do next?

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