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Oil Pressure

My 1993 America Roadster has 4-5 bar oil pressure during drives however, when coming to a stop the pressure drops to 1 bar or below that illuminates the oil pressure light. The oil level is at maximum and use 20W-60W Liqui-Moly. My mechanic tells me this is ok and on the next oil change he will place an extra oil pressure spacer ring, which will increase the oil pressure at idle. Is this a normal fix for this type of low oil pressure at idle?  

964 Dual Mass Flywheel

I have a 1992 Carrera 2 with the 3.6L engine and 5 speed transmission. Car runs and looks great. As the mileage is getting high I am considering investing more into the car to address common issues ( engine overhaul, clutch replacement, etc.) I understand these vehicles come with a dual mass rather than single mass flywheel. Are dual mass flywheels problematic? If so, how do i determine if my vehicle has a dual mass flywheel and if it needs to be replaced? Engine and transmission perform very well. 

All belts replacement

Hello everyone,

I am wondering how much it costs to replace all three engine belts or if it is worth to just replace them myself following pelicans DIY post

Oil smoke on startup after 5 month storage.

When I started the car after 5 months storage it smoked a lot.  I drove it about 2 miles and it seemed to go away when I got back to my garage. I thought that maybe I had overfilled it. I drained the engine sump and got 6 quarts and only 3 quarts from the dry sump. Should it be the reverse? What may have caused this and what should I do next?

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