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Fuel System

Engine looses powe after startup

My 1990 C4 Cab.

was running fine all summer until i came home from a 300 mile trip

I stoped and the brakes got hard

No power to the instuments

Got it home

Mechanic fixed the brakes and got the Instruments up again

I picked up car

Fill up with gas at Mobil

The car Started to Run terrible

I went on a 150 mile trip

The engine would loose power on the high way but come back on

When I got home the car could bearly go around the block

My mechanic is Booked up

So Ive left the car in the garage

Premium Fuel

In Vermont ethanol premium fuel is readily available at 91 octane. Is this an acceptable alternative to 93 octane with 10 percent ethanol?

I recently bought the car in Nashville, TN. where the previous owner ran 93 octane as ethanol free is not available there.

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