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Vehicle build sticker replacement.

Who makes replacement vehicle build sticker for under the hood. My original and spare are both missing. Thanks!

VIN check for data on car...


I am thinking of buying the above mentioned vehicle (911 Carrera 4 Targa-1991). Are there any known issues with these vehicles that I should know about?

Also, what is the best way to check the VIN and get the most data on that particular vehicle? I have the VIN and want to see how rare/numbers were made of it and the history of the car before I purchase it. 

Any help would be much appreciated.



Cabriolet repair/adjustment

My '99, 911 Cabriolet top will not "seat" properly in the valley where the passenger side window and small "vent" window meet. The top actually pulls inward about an inch when fully closed which would allow water to get in the car. I have had different opinions as to a "fix" from new top replqcement, possibly a cable stretched/broken? or even a rivet broken. Asking for advice prior to visiting the dealer and replacing the top which will be quite expensive. Thanks, David





Importing Porsche 964 from Europe

Dear PCA, this is not really a technical question ut how to import my 964 Porsches to USA, that currently resides in Sweden. I would like to get in contact with PCA memers that imported cars from Europe. The two Porsches 911 (964) that I plan to import to California is a 964 Turbo -92, it is almost original ut with Bilstein chassi and BBS rims. I heard from car dealers that the BBS split rims might be illegal in CA? Anyone here that have experience of what to think about when importing?

Cabriolet roof is not moving. I am handy and wondering if I could fix it

When i was raising the roof, the roof stopped moving.  When engaging the roof switch, i can hear the roof motor running, but there is no roof movement.  Also, it appears that the roof support brackets on the drivers side (just above the roof gear box) are far more extended that those on the passenger side (see pictures)


I have a slight vibration in my steering wheel when idling and my foot is on the brake. There is no vibration with my foot off the brake and no noticable vibration while driving. The motor mounts are new and the car ran smoothly until a repair shop replaced the exhaust system. What could be causing this prolem?

convertible rear window

several stiches in the upper driver side corner of the convertible rear window have loosened. The window is original and not clear.

. To maintain originality should it be repaired?

. Can a plastic window repair kit increase visilibity? How difficult is the process?

. What is the best ( suggested ) replacement window available? Plastic, glass, other?

. Any and all related info is appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Matus

Lucky Driver Sport Cars Dealership in Miami or reliable mobile PPI

Hi all, 

Having owned and sold a 993 Targa several years ago, I am again on the prowl for a 911.  There are a few cars that I am starting to look at, and I was wondering if anybody has dealt with a dealer "Lucky Driver Sport Cars"   in Miami, FL.  They will not permit their cars to leave the dealer for an inspection at an alternate facility, though they will offer a ramp for an inspector to inspect for PPI. 

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