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Clutch Replacement for 964

Hello all,

I have a 91 964 C4 with 114K. The car looks and drive amazing but want to get your expert opinion as to when to replace the clutch. I noticed lately it grabs a bit on first and second but no slipping at all. Adjustment? what is the life of clutch with moderate driving? Any recommendation for reasonable mechanic in LA Area?


clutch slave piston travel?

Does anyone know what the clutch slave travel should be in a 91 964 C2 with the single mass flywheel? - There are two different release bearings. 


Off road Baja 964 in Pano


I loved the Baja 964 on the cover of Pano this month. I know Porsche raced in the Paris-Dakar with their 959 and now I am wondering: what needs to be done to set the car up for off-road. How do you get the clearance without messing up the geometry ony on the half shafts?


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