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backup lights not turning on

The Backup lights on my 1992 964 are not turning on.

I am an experience trouble-shooter and have eliminated any causes that are purely electrical in nature.

Searching the W.E.B. for others that have been experiencing a similar problem I believe that I have determined the root of the problem:

It is I believe traceable to wear of on the machined ramp of the Reverse/5th gear selector rod where the Cam follower that actuates the reverse light electrical switch contacts the rod.

Tiptronic Rebuild?

I have a 1994 911 Targa with 140,000 and a Tiptronic transmission.  I have changed the fluid and filter.  The transmission "slips" in third gear sometimes, particularly if loaded or lugged.

My car has not had any modifications.  My search has not found anyone that can rebuild tiptronics.  Can you point me in the proper direction.




Gary Cox

I am looking for new independent Mechanic with motorsports experience.

I just moved from the west coast to Western Kentucky, and I need a new independent Porsche mechanic, preferably with motorsports experience. Chris Powell took care of my car in Seattle, and Jae Lee did the same in San Diego. 
I now live in Owensboro, KY 42303, that is 1hour East of Evansville IN, 1hour north of Bowling Green, 2hours north of Nashville east of Louisville, 3hours south of Indianapolis and east of St Louis. Your recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Gear shifting issue, localized sound in right rear, repair shop suggestion

Hi all, I've had a series of events that may or may not be linked that has caused me to shelve my car for the past 12+ months.

August 2017: I had front and rear brake work done at Zims (replaced pads, dampners, discs, and sensor wires). I had continued squealing of brakes and expected them to burn in, but the squealing never went away.

November 2017: I noticed smoke coming from the rear right wheel well.

Clutch Replacement for 964

Hello all,

I have a 91 964 C4 with 114K. The car looks and drive amazing but want to get your expert opinion as to when to replace the clutch. I noticed lately it grabs a bit on first and second but no slipping at all. Adjustment? what is the life of clutch with moderate driving? Any recommendation for reasonable mechanic in LA Area?


clutch slave piston travel?

Does anyone know what the clutch slave travel should be in a 91 964 C2 with the single mass flywheel? - There are two different release bearings. 


Off road Baja 964 in Pano


I loved the Baja 964 on the cover of Pano this month. I know Porsche raced in the Paris-Dakar with their 959 and now I am wondering: what needs to be done to set the car up for off-road. How do you get the clearance without messing up the geometry ony on the half shafts?


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