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CUP 1 WHEEL Question

Hello, can anyone help me with the wheels for my 964. The front is 7 and rear are 8's. I usually see 9 or 9.5. Is this true 964 wheels? magnasium? please see pictures below:


7JX17 AH-ET55        Gk-AlSi12mg wa

8JX17 AH-ET52        GK-AlSi12mg  wa


Space Saver Spare Tire

I have a 1991 C2 that has a space saver inflatable spare tire.  It is the original tire and I am concerned that it needs to be replaced because of its age.  It has never been inflated.  I checked and there is only one in the US and one in Germany.  Is there a substitute tire and rim that will fit in the space that now contains the space saver spare?

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