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ABD Green Light on Rear Drive not working properly

Been having feedback problems with the brakes - Feels like a buzzer goes through the brake peddel if brake depressed all the way through stop.  Now ABD green light comes on and car wont drive.  Anyone had something similar?  Results?

993 brake pad removal tech article

My rear pads sometimes squeal while stopping at low speeds.  The pad thickness is fine, so don't need to changen the pads.  I want to remove the OEM pads, clean the backs and apply an anti-squeal coating (CRC Brake Quiet or similar).  I have done this on a few German cars, Audi's etc.  I tried to remove the pads after compressing the caliper pistons and the pads seem hung-up somehow.  I think this may be due to the backer shims maybe hanging-up on the pistons.  Is there a good tech article that addresses the pad removal process?  Do I need to re-install the shims, or is the anti-squeal coat

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