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How to replace gear shift bushings and where to find parts

Hi ,. i think the gear shifter could use some help to reduce sloppy feel and improve shifter feel ( the car has had a recent clutch/flywheel replacement as well as full top - end rbuild).

Can you recommend what parts i should be looking for and where to purchase these parts? Is there a video you know of that best explains how to go about doing the replacement/

Thanks , Merv W

993 Instrument Gauge Installation


the odometer was removed for repair. in the process all gauges were removed to replace rubber ring shock mounts and clean the gauge support rings. the original installtion had some sort of lubricant on the rubber ring mounts which bleed out onto the panel material. it cleaned up with a mild soap and water. when trying to install the gauges dry (without lub), it is very difficult. i'm trying to find out what this original gauge lubricant is.

thanks, Mike

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