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Alarm pin code

 Is there a way for me to get the four digit pin number in case my alarm fails and I need to manually clear the alarm  with the key thank you in a Vance 

Adding fender marker/turnsignal lights to a U.S. 993 C2

Hello, I'm wishing to add to my fenders the small side marker lights that double as side turn signals. These are found standard on cars destined for the UK but not mandatory on U.S. models. I have a two part question? Are the light harnesses for both euro and U.S. the same. Will the light harness on my car have a tie in plug on the harness for mounting these lights? Also, could you direct me to a source where I can create a template for the openings needed to mount the Hella marker lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Larry Ziman


What do letters/numbers mean on each of the 12 Beru ignition wires, e.g II-4

I have been told a prefix in number sequence of I or II means left or right side of engine, others say it means upper or lower spark plug bank in a 993's 12 plug configuration.

I spoke with two Beru US people and they gave me differing answers.

The last number(s) on each wire  refers to the spark plug location I have been told i.e. in the example above (II-4) the the 4 refers to #4 cyl spark plug hole.

I would be grateful if you could clarify these differing views I have so far recieved of the meaning of Beru's numbering convention.


Thank you  

LED or Bi-Xenon headlights for 1997 993


I am looking for LED or bi-xenon headlight technology to improve the very poor lighting of the halogen 993 headlights 

Is there anything other than the very pricey and older technology Porsche HID retrofit?



Just replaced battery on 1997 911 and fans are blowing but cannot start car and battery light is illuminated

Looking for quick fix if it exists.  My battery was dead, so I replaced it and as soon as it was hooked up, a fan went on.  All cabin fans were turned off.  My remote lock system does not work and I cannot start car.  The only thing that seems to work is the fan.  I also see the battery light is lit up on the dashboard.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Ignition Harness problems with 993

I am in the market for a 993, and I understand that there was an Ignition Harness problem with some 993s which resulted in a recall.  I can't seem to find much information on the problem.  Short of a PPI how do I tell if a 993 has re-call worthy Ignition Harness problem.  Is there a way of telling from the VIN number?

Thank you

David Rose

What makes my 1998 993 trip computer light to go dim

 I have a 1998 993 with the tiptronic transmission with 28500 miles. The digital display on the trip computer is going dim. The functions work, it is simply the intensity of the light. Th brightness is not affected by adjusting the rheostat for the dash lights. I was told that it could require the replacement of a transistor on the circuit board on the back of the tachometer . Any suggestions?



Door locks on early 993

Door locks are inoperative. Have to open door through window. Alarm will deactivate with remote but no door lock function. Power to module and fuse on module good. Nothing when puish lock button on console including no light on lock button. Lights on doors and bumpers flash when use remote. Neither side will unlock with key. Key only turns in one direction on either door. Please assist.



97 993 c4 cab won't start

Extremely stupid question:  I just bought a 97 c4 cab.  Off the transport it drove great twice, then I left it a couple hours and it is DEAD.  Turn key and nothing happens.  Tried messing with the button on the key, turned alarm on and off, etc.  Will not turn over.  Sometimes the dash warning lights go on when turn key, sometimes not.  Either way no go.  I suspect either a dead battery or some user error related to the immobilization/alarm system.  Can someone explain how this works and how to tell what's up in a systematic way before I get a flatbed and haul it off to repair shop?


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