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Battery Replacement

What's the best battery replacement for 96 993 Targa?


immobilization system on 993s

Can I get more information on this immobilization starter system? Im a new owner of a 97 993.

3.6 Varioram install into a 1983 911SC

In process of collecting everything needed to do a conversion on a 1984 911SC with a Varioram 993 Motor.

What I have found is a 1998 motor with super low miles, less DME harness and ECU. Im looking for a Euro ECU and harness.

Ive found an ECU from a 1996 Varioram motor (actually three of them all 96) and the part number seems to carry through all three years.



1996 porsche 911 993 turbo, 3rd brake light not work

Hi All,

I have a 1996 Porsche 911 993 turbo, my 3rd brake light on top of rear window is not working, we check the voltage and it only 3 volt, my machanic advise i have to replace rear winshield which is cost alot, is there any others alternative optione i could do to make the 3rd brake light works. 


thank you

Tiptronic transmission gear position not being displayed on the speedometer

I have recently purchased a 1996 993 carrera with tiptronic transmission and 92,000 miles. I'm trying to run down the reason why the gear position display on the tachometer will only light up when the fog or headlight switch is in the ON position? Any suggestions on where to start looking into to this problem would be helpful?

Wiring harness

 I’ve just been informed that what I thought was an issue with the starter is actually an issue with the wiring harness. I’ve done some digging and found out that this particular issue seems to be covered by Porsche. Is that accurate? If so, is it a matter of me simply taking the car to the nearest dealership and I escape with my wallet intact?

Horn on myy 993 beeps when turning left

I am original owner of a 1996 993 coupe.  Suddenly the horn beeps when when I turn left.  I have not taken the car to a repair facility.  I would like to try to make whatever repair myself.  Thank you,  John Moore   410 956-8715



Horn blows when wheel is turned, also very touchy.

Horn blows when the steering wheel is turned, especially on start up.  Horn has been very touchy, suspect a short in the steering wheel, not sure how to dismantel & inspect.

What would cause horn to blow when brake pedal depressed. Started after have the front nose area removed and repainted.

Front nose area removed and repainted. When driving and depressing brake pedal the horn goes off. At a complete stop with brake pedal depressed the horn does not go off. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Radio Repair

Radio has stopped working.  I would like to keep everything working in as original condition as possible.  Would appreciate recommendation of good repair shop for OEM radio.  Thanks  Rich


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