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Looking at buying a 1997 993; why would someone do an engine overhaul at 80,000 miles?

We're looking at a beautiful car in superior condition with extensive service records (1997 911 - 993). The prior long-time owner -- at 81,000 miles and 9 years ago -- spent thousands of dollars to have the engine and Tiptronic transmission removed and gone through. The cylinder heads were disassembled, the valve guide seals were replaced, the piston ring grooves and passages were all cleaned, piston rings replaced, and the cylinder heads were decarbonized; intake and exhaust valve seats ground, and the 6 exhaust valve guides were replaced. Also, they ground the valves and valve seats.

Varioram Resonance Flap Assembly Oil Leak

I have been watching an oil-damp area on the bottom of the left cam chain cover gasket the last several years.  This condition has not resulted in any oil on the garage floor until now.  I've believe I've traced the source of the oil to the top side of the engine, specifically the Varioram Ram intake manifold Resonance Flap Assembly located on the bottom center of the manifold.  Is this an issue you have seen?  What would be my next steps to diagnose?  The car never smokes on start-up and does not consume more than a 1/2 quart of oil every 3,700 miles.  The car is typically driven for fun runs and Drivers Ed events.  I have owned the car for 10 years.  Your expertise will be appreciated. 

engine won't idle down without bouncing rpm

I have a 1998 Carrera 4S that has the issue of not being able to idle down smoothly.  When coming to a stop from anywhere above 30-40 mph, the engine revs to 1500-2000 rpm typically three times before settling down to a normal idle speed.  I've replaced the idle stabilizer valve with only a little improvement, then removed and cleaned it with no change.  This is an irritating problem and I don't know where to go from here.

Any thoughts?

1996 993 2nd gear only acceleration issue

When I try to accelerate hard in 2nd gear the car doesn't accelerate smoothly and hesitates while the engine RPM increases rapidly. The car does accelerate smoothly, it is not a continuous smooth hard pulling acceleration. When I accelerate normal (not pressing the pedal all the way down), it pulls through the gear normal. Accelerating in all other gears doesn't exhibit this issue. Thoughts on what may be causing this? Thanks!

Valve guides 72,343. Miles


 I purchased a 1996 series 993 cab with the 72,000+ miles from out of state. (California)

The Carfax came back clean and it just passed ny state insp.I don’t know if the valve guides were done but the car runs fantastic and does not smoke or have any oil leaks or trace of blue smoke on start up. Is it possible that the valve guides were already done? With this car with this many miles.? Did all of this series have this issue .  As I am thinking maybe this problem was corrected? 

Any feedback would be most greatly appreciate best regards

1997 C2 993 engine oil

Hi.. I just read your recomendation on using 15W-50 or 20W-50 synthetic oil for  993.  I have always thought that Porsche recomends 0W-40, because iti is used as a hydraulic fluid to pressurize the lifters on startup. Won't the 15W-50, 20W-50 have a problem doing that ? 



Up grading 1995 933 to 3.8



I joined PCA in 2011 after purchasing a 1995 993 from Tim Holt at Holt motor Sport West Chester Pa

We have successfuly raced this car for the last 6 years and are now looking at upgrading the motor to 3.8.

Do you have any suggestions re completing this transition and obtaining maxium power benifit.Ie must does and not so important.

We read the magazine every month in New Zealand it is very proffesional publication.


Ron Long New Zealand

Some oil leaking from my 993 cs 1998

I just got it. And realized afte being parked for few days that I found oil on the floor and this each time after I parked the car.

The dealer told me it was unusual for this model and year.

Should I worry and stop driving the car until I get an expert inspection?





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