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Some oil leaking from my 993 cs 1998

I just got it. And realized afte being parked for few days that I found oil on the floor and this each time after I parked the car.

The dealer told me it was unusual for this model and year.

Should I worry and stop driving the car until I get an expert inspection?




Ticking Sound in 1997 993

Thanks much.

Have a ticking sound with my 993. Have had all lifters replaced but it still ticks. Any help would be much appreciated.





Blue smoke

Looking to buy a '97 993 with 39,800 miles and noticed a little blue smoke at cold start.  Should I be concerned?

Potential IMS Issue

Does my 993 have the potential of an IMS issue or is that later models ...any advice

Porsche Codes

Hello,  I'm getting randow codes recently. The car runs perfect but I'm wondering does anyone know if P0410 / P0411 and 1124 / 1126 have any simularites with regards to a faulty component?  MAF, etc???  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




993 Engine Check Light

I have just joined PCA and know there has been much correspondence in the past regarding the dreaded CEL light.  Every year I dread the smog test and spend money to get a mechanic to "turn off" the light for a few miles of relief only, during which I rush to the smog station.  Many mechanics and dealers and dollars later I am so worn out by this cycle that I am even thinking of selling -- although I can't sell it with the CEL on!  There has never been a problem showing with the diagnostics and they say there is nothing to fix.

Air hose not connected?


I was recently cleaning the engine bay on my 993 and noticed the small hose connected at one end, but not connected to anything at all on the other.  Please see the attached picture.  It is located at the left side of the engine bay coming out of what would appear to be an air duct of some sort, but I am not too sure.  I cannot find any place obvious for this to plug into.  Can you happen to tell what this is for, and if it should be inserted somewhere?  Thanks in advance.


993 SAI issues after top end rebuild

I have read the advise re SAI. Most seems to be in the 04/05 time frame. I recently, March of 15, test drove a 993 C2S with 79,000 miles. It presented well but it had no service history for the past ten years, had covered less than 10,000 miles in that period with only 300 miles in the last two years as it was unregistered. Almost immmediatly the check engine light came on and remained on for the one hour test drive during which the car performed well.

aftermarket sport exhaust is too loud for me

I bought my car with an aftermarket exhaust on it. At the time, the "grumble" was nice, but it's now to the point where it's become too much in my older age, not to mention it was never close to the true "porcshe sound".

I'm wondering if it's possible to inexpensively silence the sound without replacing any of the exhaust system?

If not, where can I go to trade my exhaust system for a stock system? 


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