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Heating and Ventilation

A/C Whistling Noise

About a year ago, North Porshe Dealership checked and recharged my A/C in conjuction with replacing belts, etc.

They claimed that the compressor had a slow leak but I declined to have the repair done.

At this time, it starts to make a whistling noise about every minute or two (which it did before the dealership charged it up)..

I went to an off side autoshop to have the A/C pressures which showed nominial values (within 5 psi) on the high pressure side.

AC Compressor Tensioning Bolt and Locking Nut

I need to replace the AC compressor belt and looking for advice on how to access and loosen the tensioning bolt locking nut on the lower right side of the compressor.  A box end wrench does not have room to rotate when placed on the locking nut and a deep well socket is not deep enough to fit over the tensioning bolt and the locking nut.  The Porsche workshop manual does not reference a special tool.  Your expert guidance will be greatly appreciated.

HVAC control problems with 993

I am going crazy trying to solve an HVAC problem in my 993. The system worked perfectly until about a year ago, when the AC controls stopped working- when turned on, it would work for about 10 seconds, and then the fan would stop running. To make a (very) long story short, after considerable investigation my mechanic thought the problem was in the CCU, and we sent it to ECU Doctors in Florida for repair. I got the unit back, and after re-installing there was a different (and rather bizarre) problem - with the AC turned off the vents blew ice cold air, but no AC when turned on.

Leaking AC


Have recently changed the Alternator and subsequently had to unbolt and move the AC compressor. AC 134A charge went to zero. Is it possible that moving the compressor stressed the AC lines and I should replace because of age? Or should I look at other reported AC issues? Thank you



when replacing batterey found short central vent hose disconnected below spare wheel. Found one hose to connect one end, & not sure where to connect the second end

On replacing battery in my 1996 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, notice a disconnected hose (central vent?) on
floor beneath spare wheel. Unsure of connecting sites. I found one clear hose to connect one end but
nothing else free to connect the other end...............any suggestions.

Thanks !

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