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Does the interior light and glovebox light have a fuse for a 1997 993 Cabriolet

The glove box light bulb is fine but not working. the interior light frame is broken and I've ordered a replacement. Perhaps the two lights are on the same circut? 

1996 993 glove box door will not open

My glove box door will not open. The lock to the glove box is unlocked. When I turn the knob all the way to the right the door latching mechanism will not release from the "U" latching bracket. I have tried to wiggle the door slightly left to right and have even taken the lower hinge 3 phillips head screws out to release the door hinge in hopes that would provide enough relief on the latching mechanism that the door would come off. That did not work. So I'm looking for advice on how I can get it to unlatch without causing any damage to the door or latching mechaism.

993 - how to safely remove speedometer from dash to replace odometer and tripometer gears. What tools, technique and precautions ?






I am a new member. Had my 993 for 16 years and is a daily driver. Recently my odometer and tripometer stopped recording, as they do get jelly-like over time. 

I have new plastic gears now but am having a really hard time getting the speedometer and the clock out of the dash. It is a simple rubber gasket seal that holds it in place.

Was told to try clock first and then push speedometer from behind. However, all attempts to pry it away have failed mostly because I am fearful to damage the dash “cushion” around it.

993 Cab Dome Light

The dome light in my '95 993 Cab keeps falling out.  It appears the material on either side in which the "spikes" of the light fixture stick into is worn.  Are there any common fixes?


My odometer and tripmeter stopped working last time I drove my car.  Is this common?  Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Move Seat Back for more leg room

Just obtained a 993 and am finding limited leg room on the drivers side for my 6'3" height.

Are the seat brackets moveable or do I need to fabricate ones or an adapter that are offset?

I recall that on a previusly owned 72 911T, I could push the seat back and my toes just touched the peddles.

Any input would be appreciated.


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