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'96 993 right rear noise when in a left turn

Whining noise from my 1996 993 C2 cabriolet. When I turn to the left only I hear a noise that sounds like it is coming from the right rear quarter area. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!


Where is the best place to repair / replace a 1997 993 cab near O'Hare?

I have a smallish tear about 3 to 4 inches long on the convertible top.  Just need a reputable referral for an upholsterer / convertible top specialist.

Thank you, Steve - 847-312-5898



Manual Set Number Tags

Recently purchased a set of owners manuals on eBay for my 1996 C4. One item was two plastic sheets of numbered tags. The individual tags can be removed from the sheets. See the attached photo. Does anyone know how these "tags" are used? I've never seen them before.

Doug C

Convertible Top is stuck in the OPEN/DOWN position - is there a fuse or relay or poss a sensor at the Emerg Brake that may not be allowing the roof to close ?

My rag top is currently stuck in the OPEN/DOWN position - I can tell that it is getting power as I can hear a clicking sound when I press the button to raise it. What should I check for (fuse, relay, pressure switch at Emerg brake...?)


thx for any help !

Retaing Value of Collector 993




Seeking advise on my collector 993 C4S. This car only has 19,500 miles and my highest value car in my collection. Question, is it "better" to drive a 100 miles or so each year or try and keep it under 20,000 miles and keep it stored? Best to work the engine and go over 20K miles or keep mileage lower for resale.





'98 993 production numbers

I own a  late model year  '98 c4 cab, triple black with a manual trans. vin wpoca2995ws340698. I am looking for the production numbers for the U.S. and if there is any info on the number of  cars with silver calipered brakes in the U.S. run. I heard they were always red. Thanks for any help.

Market Pricing

I'm in the market for a low milage 96-98 993 Cab, preferably from a private party. Do you have any market pricing update or other pricing info?



I am looking for a professional convertible top replacer

Recently moved to The Woodlands, TX 77381

I need to replace a 993 convertable top.

Any recommendations for a professional shop close to  zipcode 77381?

Also, I need to find a garage that is accustomed to working on aircooled 911 for service.




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