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Looking for a competent mechanic

Taking receipt next week of my first Porsche. Looking for a quality shop in my area that knows 993s.

Steering Wheel Shimmy

My car has a steering wheel shimmy at around 60mph. It is perfectly smooth above and below that speed. I have very new a-arms and ball joints. I have new tires and balance. I have chassis aligned and corner balanced. Still have the problem. Any ideas? Could this be a power steering problem although none has been found? Any help would be appreciated.

Upgrade Suspension on a 1995-1996 993 Carrera C2 or C4?

What are your thoughts about upgrading the stock suspension on a 1996 993 C4?  The car has low mileage and original suspension, but am wondering if this alteration would be worthwhile?  What are the benefits and drawbacks, if any.  Thanks 

Front rubbing/knocking noise when turning sharp at low speed

My 1997 C2S has started making a rubbing/knocking noise when I turn the wheel sharp at low speeds (turning to drive out of the driveway). I have made no changes to the suspension prior to this starting. Lower A arms and ball joints are new. I have checked and see no rub points in the fender wells and the fender liners and trim are in place. I feel no feedback problems in the steering when this is happening. I have checked the steering and find no leaks or play anywhere. The power steering system has the proper amount of fluid.

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