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Steering Wheel Shimmy

My car has a steering wheel shimmy at around 60mph. It is perfectly smooth above and below that speed. I have very new a-arms and ball joints. I have new tires and balance. I have chassis aligned and corner balanced. Still have the problem. Any ideas? Could this be a power steering problem although none has been found? Any help would be appreciated.

Front rubbing/knocking noise when turning sharp at low speed

My 1997 C2S has started making a rubbing/knocking noise when I turn the wheel sharp at low speeds (turning to drive out of the driveway). I have made no changes to the suspension prior to this starting. Lower A arms and ball joints are new. I have checked and see no rub points in the fender wells and the fender liners and trim are in place. I feel no feedback problems in the steering when this is happening. I have checked the steering and find no leaks or play anywhere. The power steering system has the proper amount of fluid.

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