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The Best Reasonable, Quality Mechanic near Green Bay, WI

I've owned my 993 C4 since 2003 and had a great independant mechanic in Chicago who did great work.  Fortunately, I've never had a major repair.  Last year we moved to Marquette - in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - which has been fantastic.  But there is no mechanic that I know of anywhere near - and I need to have my clutch replaced and get the driver's seat motor fixed.  The closest larger cities are Green Bay, WI and Traverse City, MI - each about 4 hours away.  I'd appreciate any recommendation on where to get this work done.

993 transmission swap from tiptronic to manual

This is a 1995 993  black on black cabriolet. This car is cosmetically and mechanically solid.  I recently did the 60k service and it's all good.  I have two questions.  First, the easy one...can I move the seat rails back so that there is more leg room?  Second question is in regard to switching from Tipronic to Manual.  What's involved?  Estimated cost?  Affect on the value of the car?  What do you think?



What is the "expected" life of my clutch?

I have owned my 993 Porsche for almost 9 years and have driven it only 7000 miles in that time. I am being told that my clutch "engages high - rough operation".

Clutch Pedal Hangup

I am the original owner of a 1997 993 Cabriolet.  The car has been maintained annually by a Porsche dealer for seventeen years.  Lately the clutch pedal is not returning to the home position right away.  When this happens I can reach down and pull the pedal back to home position by hand.  It doesn't happen all ther time, but I am uncomfortable with this situation.  The dealer told me that his mechanic was unable to replicate the problem.  Can you give me some ideas about what is happening?

993 Clutch Pedal Return Spring

Joel - I have reviewed all the clutch pedal Q&A and didn't see my issue so: In replacing a leaky clutch master cylinder the clutch pedal sprang back hard toward the driver seat when the master cylinder plunger pin was removed.  I replaced the master cylinder, bled the system but when depressed, the pedal initially has resistance but after about half travel the pedal travels to the stop with some force (like being propeled by a spring) and does not return.  I can pull the pedal back up, but the reverse feeling of when it is depressed is experienced.  Based on the factory manual I suspect

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