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Wheel rotation on a 993

I have my 1996 C4 cabriolet stored for the winter in my unheated garage. The battery is out as is the DME relay. I want to rotate the wheels so that I don’t get flat spots in the spring but when I put the front wheels up on the jack they just won’t rotate by hand.  The rears turn easily but not the fronts.  Is the front differential locked? I just got the car so this is my first go at winter storage. The car is extremely roadworthy. How do I rotate the front wheels without starting up the car?




What are the tire size(s) for a 1995 993?

I just purchased a 1995 993 and it has upgrated non stock rims and tires on it, however the original stock rims came with the car. What are the tire sizes and recommendations for the original rims? I am a stock guy and want to get it as close to original as I can.

OEM 911 Carrera Wheels

I have a 1995 911 Carrera, I am trying to keep it as close to original as possible.  What finish where the wheels when the car was brand new.  from the pictures I have seen the wheels don’t look painted but they don’ look like raw aluminum either.  Is it possible they were just buffed and the aluminum was alloyed with a metal that doesn’t corrode like aluminum?

Please help me if you can as I am about to spend some serious dollars.


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