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996 / 986 Headlight Gasket repair. Is this a good option?

996  & 986 Headlight Gasket repair ?  I have been searching for a fix for 3 years... and I think I have found a good replacement.

This hollow "P" shaped 1/4 inch tubing ( 1/2 inch overall width ) with a tape backing worked great on my 2000 C4. Ordered from McMASTER-CARR

 - "High Temp Rubber Seal" - Pt # 1129A992 "Style B".

Convertible Top Upkeep

Just replaced all motors on convertible top.  Wondering what kind up preventative maintenence and upkeep I should do to keep it running smoothly.  It also makes a lot of noice when latching and unlatching but seems to work fine. Is that normal?  Thanks. Tod



Remove metal strips on outside of 996 hardtop

How do I remove the two metal strips that run lengthwise on the outside of factory hardtops.


Hardtop Rattling.

I recently purchased a hardtop for my 2002 996 Cabriolet.  I notice that when the hardtop is installed on the car, the shelf in back of the rear seats rattles when traveling over a bumpy road.  This happens after I fasten the rear bolts of the hardtop to the car.  I think has to do with the plastic trim moldings on either side of the shelf where the hardtop bolts go into.  No rattles at all with the soft top up.  Is there anything I can do to stop the rattling with the hardtop.
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Where Does This Part Go?

I found this part lying on the driver's side floor of my 2002 911 996 Cabriolet.  It looks like a cover but I can't figure out where it goes.  Does anyone know?

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2001 996 Turbo Front and rear bumper guards

First time member and proud owner of a 2001 996 Turbo.  My question:  I have black bumper guards in front and back of my car.  Two on each side.  The look is starting to grow in me and I understand the function.  However, if I wanted to remove them, can the be removed without leaving marks?  Are they even removeable?  I'm not handy whatsoever, so I'd need a Porsche dealer to do it.  Unsure of cost.  Thought I'd check here first for some thoughts.  Thanks in advance.

I know I wil have to replace the light trays and the front bumper cover, but will the fenders off a 996 MK2 fit on a MK1 without alterations other then the bumper cover and light pans.

I want to change my 996 MK1 to look like a 996 MK2. I want to know if the fenders from a 996 MK2 will bolt on to the 996 MK1 without alteration other then the light pans and the front bumper cover? Will I have to change the light plug in wires to work with the new MK2 style lights.


Glass rear window for 996?

Is there a way to replace my plastic rear convertible window with a glass one for my 1999 996? The dealership said only year 2002 and beyond can do that. Any other options?

Chip & scratch repairs

Looking for a local body repair facility that specializes in Porsches to do minor repairs; paint chip & scratch repairs & repainting..  


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