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Aerokit II Front Bumper on a 996

I'm looking at the Aerokit II Front Bumper cap for my 996 Carrera Cabriolet. The fine print cautions not mounting it without adding a spoiler. Is the standard retracting spoiler inadequate to the task with this conversion added or am I OK at legal highway speeds? I'm not tracking the car.

1999 911 Carrera Front License Plate

I recently purchased a 1999 911 Carrera.  I went today to get it registered and realized that when I came home that there was no place for a license plate.  There was also no apparent location to place one in.  Does anyone have a suggested plate holder and was it difficult to install? I know it was a lame question...especially since this is my very first forum question.



2002 996 Targa - Roof is stuck in a semi open position

2002 996 Targa - Roof is stuck in a semi open position (about an inch). Tried using the emergency close tools and the motors wont turn (afraid if I apply too much torque it will break something). Help?

Paint code L40X

Looking in the Rennbow database, Vesuvio Metallic shows a paint code of K3.  My car has L40X on the sticker, which also references Vesuvio Metallic in some other sources.  

Are there multiple codes for Vesuvio Metallic or Vesuvio Gray Metallic?

1999 996 Paint code L555

I have a 1999 Carrera coupe, base but with unusual GT2-like body work/aerokit which appears to be factory(?) and Paint code L555.   It is a very pale champagne gold, not unlike Palladium Gold, possibly a bit more pink.  There are no golds listed for 1999 911s.  I have tried unsuccessfully to order paint using this code-the last time I received a much darker metallic mocha color.  A local paint shop scanned it and matched it to a Honda Champagne Frost YR591P-A, which was very close, suitable for touching up scratches under the air dam, but the metaiilic grain was a bit too coarse to be suita

how to contact a person who has a part for sale

I see an add in the classifieds w/in PCA's website, but don't see how to contact the seller. no info is given in the add for communication.

Do I perform some type of search for the person's name based on his region?

996 / 986 Headlight Gasket repair. Is this a good option?

996  & 986 Headlight Gasket repair ?  I have been searching for a fix for 3 years... and I think I have found a good replacement.

This hollow "P" shaped 1/4 inch tubing ( 1/2 inch overall width ) with a tape backing worked great on my 2000 C4. Ordered from McMASTER-CARR

 - "High Temp Rubber Seal" - Pt # 1129A992 "Style B".

Convertible Top Upkeep

Just replaced all motors on convertible top.  Wondering what kind up preventative maintenence and upkeep I should do to keep it running smoothly.  It also makes a lot of noice when latching and unlatching but seems to work fine. Is that normal?  Thanks. Tod



Remove metal strips on outside of 996 hardtop

How do I remove the two metal strips that run lengthwise on the outside of factory hardtops.



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