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996 Onboard Computer Control Lever

I have a 1999 996. It does not have an Onboard Computer Control Lever as shown in the owner’s manual. Since that is the case, I have a couple of questions. First, why do some cars have that lever while others do not? Was it an option that had to be ordered? Second, without it, is there any way to change the instrument panel display? My previous car, a 2002 986, allowed me to do that. Thanks!

window regulator needing replacing

Driver's side window raises about half way then stops.  Won't lower the last inch or so either.  Guessing it's a window regulator.  Is there a repair estimate for this?  Also, noticed on Pelican the after market part is about $160 vs. $290 for OEM.  Is it really worth that extra to go OEM.  Also, is this a job really for the dealerships or can local mechanics tackle this too?



2000 carrera convertible top out of sync

i have had a problem with my convertible top going out of sync when cycled 4-5 times. I can sync it and get it to work but as above after 5 times it goes back out of sync and the flap in the back gets stuck partialy open. I have had people work on this for hours and no luck I need help.

cannot open the hood on my 2004 4s

<p>cannot open the hood on my04 4s. tried everything. how do i fix this for good. ths ken</p>

What to be concerned about in a 02 Targa w/97K

Am considering several makes/years for another Porsche.  Looking at an 02 Targa w/.97K w IMS upgrade.  Concerned about the retracable roof and malfunctions.  Has this been a problem.  I understand this is a very expensive part of the vehicle.  Also considering 07 Caymans....what is difference in "S" model of same.  Reommendations?

targa roof

Model: 993 targa, Year:1996, Mileage:58000, Type of use:Street use only
What service is needed to keep the sun roof on my targa working? It's working with no problems now.

cruise control

Model: 993, Year:95, Mileage:116000, Type of use:Street use only
My cruise control will work just lovely , then it will stop working all together. We put a new clutch switch.......... even took it into the dealer and they played with it. Any ideas would be welcomed.

Convertible Top

Model: 993, Year:1998, Mileage:83,700, Type of use:Street use only
My top was stuck in the open position, I loosened the bolts on each side and closed manually...took it to a mechanic who found a bad wire and eventualy replaced the control unit under the dash. The top goes down as it should but when you close it, it is jerky and bangs slightly when it comes to rest on the windshiedl. I am trying to determine if the cables are stretched as he said or if there is some sort of computer/control unit adjustment to have it close smoothly.Thanks, Len

Convertible Top Compartment Lid Broken

Model: 911, Year:1999, Mileage:42000, Type of use:Street use only
Aluminum part broke near hinge, so compartment lid won't close properly. Can just the part be replaced?Have picture but don't see how to attach...


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