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Need information

I'm considering purchasing a 2003 Carrera Coupe but the current owner does not have the original window sticker so he can't confirm what options came on the car.  Is there any website I could access to get the information if I have the vehicle's VIN?

996 Factory Aerokit Production Numbers

I've been doing some research trying to determine how many 996's were equipped with the XAA Aerokit Cup option from the factory. I am entering my car in a car show locally and would find this information to be useful.

I don't see too many regionally although I know they are not extremely rare either. Could you possibly assist in determining how many of these were produced? I would particulary be interested in 2001 or MKI aerokits, but even factory production numbers for the entire 996 range would be great!

996 Engine number

I've a 1999 966 Carrera- chassis# WPOAA2999XS620195, with engine #M96/01AT66X66755. Legend has it this motor was a replacement motor after catastrophic IMS failure, or was it rebuilt? Can someone point me in the right direction to put together the history of my car? Thank you very much!

Window sticker

Model: 911 carrera, Year:2001, Mileage:25000, Type of use:Street use only
Can you still get the window sticker for Older autos. I have a 2001 911 c4 with 25k on it.

1998 - 993 Cab production numbers

Model: 993, Year:1998, Mileage:48000, Type of use:Street use onlyHi My name is Todd Pocklington, PCA member from Canada . I am looking to purchase yet another Porsche a 1998 - 993 Cab. I am looking to insure the car as a collector as it appears that only around 1340 were produced that year. I have to prove to the insurance company that less than 1500 were produced that year. Porsche no longer will share that information as they say it is "proprietor info". If you no anywhere that I could acquire some authentic proof that would be much appreciated.

Owners Manual - 1999 996

Model: 996, Year:1999, Mileage:95000, Type of use:Street use only
Does anyone know where I can find the part number for the 1999 996 C2 Owners Manual? I have asked the dealer, and I'm not sure that they really looked into it very far. Perhaps if I gave them the part number they could try and order it.Thanks!

Factory option certificates

Model: 911 (993), Year:1996, Mileage:65,000, Type of use:Street use only
How do I get one of the factory certificates for my porsche with original factory equipment and specifications? I have seen these on many porsches at concours events and I would like to purchase one for my porsche.Thanks,Ryan

1997 Targa Arena Red engine block number range

Model: 993 Targa, Year:1997, Mileage:39500, Type of use:Street use onlyI am curious about the range of block numbers for that year. If I am not mistaken there is no way to connect my block number with my vin. If I am wrong my vin# is WPO...5165. Thanks.

Rebuilt Title

Model: Carrera S, Year:1998, Mileage:62817, Type of use:Street use only


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