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996 alarm issues

My 996 has developed some disturbing alarm behavior. It started a while ago ,a year or more , the car would report two short beeps while being driven , would occasionally report twoo short beeps while parked in the driveway , and sometimes ,but not always sound the same report ( which I understand is an alrm malfunction code ) when I open the drivers door. the car would ,on occasion lock the doors ,or unlock the doors without provocation. While driving I would hear the electronic door mecanism click a few times ,followed by the short two beep report .

2000 996 cabrio top opens by itself.

Hi all,


This started this morning. Never happened before.

OBD2 live data interpretation

Hi there - I am new to the forum and PCA! I recently bought a OBD2 scanner but I don't know how to interpret live data from the tool. I know this is a complex field and I am not pretending to be an expert. That being said, to have some sort of reference in terms of the "normal" values / readings would prove to be extremely helpful in preventing issues, etc... Is there a book / manual where to find these values for a 996 C4S? Your help would be more than welcome! thanks in advance! 

Failure to strat when sitting in the sun for several hours

When I drive my car on a hot day and park it in the sun for one to two hours it does not start.  Turning the key has no respone.  No lights, dash etc.  If I open the doors for about 15 minutes to cool the interior it will start.  This does not occure any other time when weather is cooler or while driving.  Frustrating.

Any thoughts?


I need to replace my standard radio and would like to upgrade

I need to replace my factory installed radio and would like to upgrade with blue tooth and other advanced features.   Any suggestions?  

996 salt water flood damage

I have a 1999 996 Carerra Cabriolet, 125k miles, body inside and out in excellent condition and the motor strong just as a preface here. Just last week we had a rather bad storm of which I had prepaired for. I had my car in my garage which had never had any water in the past 35 years we had the house. Unfortunately this was to be worse than the blizzard of '78, the water level came up to the level of the seat. I was aware of the tide going to be high and checked about 45 minutes before high tide and at that time I knew I was in trouble.

Confused about type of headlight

I'm very confused as to what kind of headlights are in my 2004 C4S.

My option sticker (attached) has option code 601 - Litronic Headlights:

But the forums I've read say that you only have Xenons if you have headlight washers - I don't have those.

I have also attached a photo of the headlight:

Battery discharging

I just had a new alternator and battery installed in the car as the 2016 battery was not keeping a charge. That was about 10 days ago. Now the new battery is exhibiting discharge. The voltage gauge in the car is reading 13 - 14 volts but the battery isn't charging it appears? Any suggestions? 


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