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2003 Porsche 911 - Two prong connector not attached near engine fan, what is it?

I recently purchased a 34k mile 2003 Porsche 911.  Upon looking in the engine bay, I see a white two prong electrical connection undone and hanging.  It appears to attach to a connector under the black rectangular piece just to the right of the engine fan.  Do you know what this conneciton is for and why it might be unattached?  The former owner didn't know why it was unattached, but said it has always been that way.  I am attaching a picture for your convenience.  Much thanks for your assistance. Regards, Marc Caden, Potomac Region PCA



Trickle Charge during Fall Temps for my 2004 996

As the Autumn temperatures begin to fall in the Northeast, and now driving my 996 Cab maybe every other weekend, is it reasonable to put the trickle charger on the 996 in-between drives leading up to the really cold weather? Thank you!

Headlight problem.

My 2003 996 Targa recently failed inspection because the driver's side headlight was not working on high beam.  I checked all the headlight related fuses and they were all good.

Tiptronic shifter starting intermittently

Hello, my 911 starts fine when cold. But after driving and warming up car recently when I get back in to start the engine and turn the key nothing happens, not even a click. Battery is fully charged and I’ve turned the key off & on several times even removed the key turned it over and tried it again, nothing. I have then turned the key on and moved the shifter from park to neutral and pushed the car backwards and then put back in park noticing that the shifter seems a little tight and hard to move. After that move of the shifter and car I turned key and it started up.

How to diagnose? (battery or charging system)

A couple of times recently the car has been a little hard to start. Yesterday, parked after a 20min highway drive. Started 45 min later no problem. Drove to the store 10 min away. Couldn't start it again. Click click dead battery. Junpstarted it with another car and it started no problem.

I expected voltmeter to show ~14V but it was a little above 13.

To make a long story short, how can I make sure the charging system is working properly? What are normal values at idle? Higher RPM? With or without accessories on? Etc...

Thanks in advance!


Dim Headligts / No Brights



My 2001 996 is having an issue with the headlights. The lights are extremely dim when on and the bright lights do not work when the stalk is pushed forward. However, if you pull the stalk, the brights will come on.   I changed the battery for a new Porsche battery, but this did not fix the problem. Any ideas as to why I am having these problems?


Thank you very much. 


Mitchell Nitzan

996 alarm issues

My 996 has developed some disturbing alarm behavior. It started a while ago ,a year or more , the car would report two short beeps while being driven , would occasionally report twoo short beeps while parked in the driveway , and sometimes ,but not always sound the same report ( which I understand is an alrm malfunction code ) when I open the drivers door. the car would ,on occasion lock the doors ,or unlock the doors without provocation. While driving I would hear the electronic door mecanism click a few times ,followed by the short two beep report .

2000 996 cabrio top opens by itself.

Hi all,


This started this morning. Never happened before.

OBD2 live data interpretation

Hi there - I am new to the forum and PCA! I recently bought a OBD2 scanner but I don't know how to interpret live data from the tool. I know this is a complex field and I am not pretending to be an expert. That being said, to have some sort of reference in terms of the "normal" values / readings would prove to be extremely helpful in preventing issues, etc... Is there a book / manual where to find these values for a 996 C4S? Your help would be more than welcome! thanks in advance! 


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