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Intermittent throttle response issue at DE

In my most recent DE event, my '01 Carrera went into a mode where the throttle pedal inputs became unresponsive.  Regardless of throttle input, the max RPMs were limited to 1200rpm.  

This is a dedicated track car that has a main power switch for the battery and ECU.  When I cycled the main power, the ECU was cleared and the car returned to normal.  As a result, any code that would have been captured was cleared.

Pulsating Dash and head Lights

The headlights and dash light pulsate every time I operate the vehicle - day or night.  I had an unrelated issue last year and as a result the alternator was replaced by a well respected Porsche service shop in Clearwater Florida.  The pulsating was first noticed soon after the alternator was replaced.  I returned the vehicle to the shop and they removed and tested the alternator and it was found to be in good condition.  No explanation for the pulsating was offered other than to say..."let's keep an eye on the issue".  I have subsequently moved to the panhandle of Florida and have again ta

Key entry/trunk release

My new key was given to me without the 24 digit identification tag. Vendor didn't save a copy.
Can I still have the key programmed to function with the door lock feature and the front boot lid? I figured the alarm is probably not going to be functional without the code.

987/997 2-way heated seat conversion

I recently bought a pair of sport seats from a 987.1 Cayman. They are 2-way heated seats. I understand the wiring on these are different from the 996 and there is a write-up on wiring up the fully adjustable, memory seats from a 987/997 but obviously the circuit boards are differ there too. I was hoping this would be as simple as swapping seat belt latches and changing out pigtails but I'm having a hard time finding anything on the swap despite seeing in other threads mentioning there being many write ups on it. Any help would be appreciated!

Is there a good aftermarket LED replacement headlight assembly for 2001 996 Xenons?

Daily driver, year round in Colorado, has badly yellowed and pitted headlights.  Have tried over the counter remedies with no lasting value.  Would prefer LEDs over Xenon, and new versus refurbished old.  Any thoughts?  I'm going to try the McMaster-Carr gasket suggestion offered a couple years ago.

how do I replace a broken key blade on an 00 996C2

I broke my final key blade on my 00 996 C2. I'm not sure how to remedy the situation.

Would like to activate my OBC in a simple way can I ?

Can I simply install a simple harness and use existing switch plates to activate my OBC? Thank you

Turn signal lamp failure

I am experiencing with the drivers side front turn signal.  The lamp fails immediately after replacement. There is no evidence of corrosion on the lamp socket or headlight assembly.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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