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I need to replace my standard radio and would like to upgrade

I need to replace my factory installed radio and would like to upgrade with blue tooth and other advanced features.   Any suggestions?  

996 salt water flood damage

I have a 1999 996 Carerra Cabriolet, 125k miles, body inside and out in excellent condition and the motor strong just as a preface here. Just last week we had a rather bad storm of which I had prepaired for. I had my car in my garage which had never had any water in the past 35 years we had the house. Unfortunately this was to be worse than the blizzard of '78, the water level came up to the level of the seat. I was aware of the tide going to be high and checked about 45 minutes before high tide and at that time I knew I was in trouble.

Confused about type of headlight

I'm very confused as to what kind of headlights are in my 2004 C4S.

My option sticker (attached) has option code 601 - Litronic Headlights:

But the forums I've read say that you only have Xenons if you have headlight washers - I don't have those.

I have also attached a photo of the headlight:

Battery discharging

I just had a new alternator and battery installed in the car as the 2016 battery was not keeping a charge. That was about 10 days ago. Now the new battery is exhibiting discharge. The voltage gauge in the car is reading 13 - 14 volts but the battery isn't charging it appears? Any suggestions? 

convertible top on my 996

1999 996 top will function if I use the key in the door but if i hit the button on the dash I just get a bliking light.

996 turn signal fuse keeps burning out

The turn signal fuse on my '04 C4S keeps burning out.

1. replaced the Fuse: Row B, fuse 6 15A

2. use signal, shorts immediately

3. went to a 20A fuse, then the relay shorted


I'm thinking there must be a ground short somewhere but not sure the best way to trace this out.

Any suggestions or ideas?


Interior lights not coming on, day or night

Door light does not come on day or night. Trunk, glove box & engine light only come on with key in ignition. Nothing at night 

CDR23 radio buzzing

Middle of drive radio stopped working and would only get electronic 'buzz' through all speakers.  Same with CD.  Restarted car several times, no change.   Thought it might be fuse?



What fuse is the license plate light on

I recently purchased a 2004 4S.  I noticed the license plate lights were both out.  I put in new bulbs both the old ones were toast.  However, the new bulbs still did not illuninate.  Next up the multimeter and there is no voltage at either light.  I looked on the fuse diagram and the only place listing the license plate lighting is spot A7 (canada.)  In my car A7 is empty and it is a dummy fuse spot.  All the rest of the lights seem to be working.  Doese anyone know which fuse controls these lights?  I could understand one side having a faulty wire but not both.


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