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IMS Bearing Replacement

I have a 2000 911 (996)  with 33,000 miles.  Original owner (Family car).   I have always heard the stories about the potential for the IMS bearing to fail.   How many people have had theirs replaced?  Should I do it sooner than later?  Since there is no data on percentages that fail is it necessary?

re manufactured engines

 I am looking at a 2004 C4S. The records shoe the engine is one from the Porsche factory that has beenRe Manufactured. My queston is, going forward, does this mean I no longer need to worry about the IMS Bearing. Will it still need to be a maintaince isssue in the future and be changed when I do a clutch replacement. What up grades did Porsche do to this bearing when they re manufactured this engine?  Thanks for your reply 






Exhaust Fumes

What causes my exhaust fumes to have a bad oder? The fumes are dry (no oil or water) but hav a toxic oder.

I am thinking about replacing my IMS in my 2002 911, how much should it cost and where can i get it done in the East Bay, CA

I am think about replaceing my IMS and want to know who i should go to. I know there is a really good one in Fremont area, but a little pricy. Is there one in the East Bay that is good and reliable.

996 Engine rebuild

Hi. I am a new Porsche owner, specifically a 2000  996...According to the previous owner,  the IMS went out at 80k miles. The engine was rebuilt by Martin Biernacki at  MB motorsports. I have a receipt signed by him, but no specific details on what was done. I did call them, sent them a photo of my receipt, and they confirmed the receipt was valid. Apparantly he did the actual rebuild.  The work was done almost 5 yrs and 20k miles ago and they could not provide me with specifics.

Another 996 without IMS failure !

Hi Club Members,

I thought I'll share this update on a 1999 Porsche 911 C2 with 96kmls and the original IMS bearing.

I just bought this car with a bad transmission in order to get it ready for some track events. While pulling the transmission I also decided to upgrade the IMS, replace the RMS and the clutch.

The car has 96kmls on the odometer and after removing the IMS bearing, I figured out that I could have saved the bucks. The bearing looked like new!! i still decided to have it replaced since I already had it removed....

996 Smoking on track after 2nd AOS replacement

Hi there:  

I’m desperately looking for any insights on why my 996 continues to smoke and continues to use oil while on track, but no smoke or oil consumption off track, after replacing the AOS for the second time. 

First lap at CTMP coming out of 5B big cloud of oil smoke, after 5 laps pulled off, oil was down 400ml. 
Next 2 startups there was clouds of oil smoke. 
The rest of the drive home, and since no issues. 

I drive the car year round, drive it aggressively and it never smokes or uses any oil while driving it on the street. 

2000 996 cranks but will not start!

To start I have searched the forums. I deal in a lot of different cars and currently are having fun with my Porsches. I do most all my wrenching myself. Buy all the needed manuals and programming. With the prerequisite out of the way here is the dilemma. I purchased this car which had been to Motor Meister in CA. I got it with the engine removed. I purchased a salvage car and had the engine R/I into the body. The non Porsche shop did a good job, but they couldn't make the car start. They said it needed a fuel pump. I have my own rollback and told them I would be there to pick it up.

Is there a RMS Bearing 7 fix?

I just bought a 996 with low miles and I decided to go ahead and correct the IMS. I also read about bearing #7 causing wear (see below).  

Is there a fix on the market yet for the RMS #7 bearing?


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