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996 M96.01 Engine block repairs

Hi everyone. I'm a new member. Sorry if this question has already been answered in this forum, but I searched and decided to ask anyway. I have the classic 996 engine dilemma. Where do I send my engine cases to have the cylinders machined away, wet sleeved, and anti-wear coated? Has anyone found an alternative to LN Engineering? I really like their solutions to this problem (and their IMS solution) and the amount of info they put out is great. I think they are the best, but I wanted to see if there are any alternatives out there.

Modifying a base C2 996.2 with bolt-on upgrades (headers/intake/exhaust)

Good morning!

If one were to upgrade their base level C2 with performance bolt-on upgrades with a combination of headers/intake/exhaust, would a tune be required to bring the cars potential up to par?  I understand the cars ratios might also be affected.  Assuming no CELs are tripped and the car responds fine to the upgrades... I am asking purely on the standpoint of bringing out the cars potential from that point forward.  

I also understand building a vehicle like this would only be legal for track use and there are street legality issues, etc. etc.  

Thoughts on Porsche Classic 5w-50 oil for 996?

I've done some research on this topic but can't really get a good answer as to the benefit of Porsche Classic Oil for the 996.  I'm not a fan of zero weight oil's but I currently use the 0W-40 Mobile 1.  The car has been to one 2 day HPDE event and is mostly used for spirited driving during the warmer months in New Jersey about 2,500 miles per year with 31,xxx miles on the odometer.  I change the oil in the spring  annually due to the low miles driven and can pick up the 0w-40 really cheap at Costco. 

Trustworthy Mechanic in Midwest (Chicago/Suburbs)

Hi , Trustworthy mechanic in the Midwest Chicago area?  I am 99% sure I have a cracked cylinder head or 2.  Oil in coolant. Engine runs fine,no overheating. I have replaced the AOS,Oil Cooler an associated hoses. I understand this will be expensive just do't want to get ripped off.

Thanks in advance

Bill S

engine swap 3.4 for 3.6 how to do.

Hi Guys,

Can you tell me what is involved in swapping my 1999- 996-3.4ltr for a 2002 -996-3.6?  

Thanks a bunch,


How do I determine which engine is in my 2000 Carrera 911?

I am trying to determine exactly what motor I have in my 2000 Carrera. I imagine the VIN would indicate that but I do not know which digit(s) deal with the motor type. VIN is WPOAA2992YS621965. Thank you.


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