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Is there a RMS Bearing 7 fix?

I just bought a 996 with low miles and I decided to go ahead and correct the IMS. I also read about bearing #7 causing wear (see below).  

Is there a fix on the market yet for the RMS #7 bearing?

I have an oil smell in in side the car. Could this be the air-oil separator? Any other possibilities?

2003 996 with 86,000 miles. 

​I have an oil smell inside the car after starting not strong smell, just noticed a couple of hundred miles ago.  There are no engine leaks noticable, bottom of motor is dry, free of oil. Could this be due to the air-oil separator?  Any other possiblities?



3.4 L heads on 3.6 L block question

Hello everyone, I am a new PCA member.  I need some help with a project.  Where can I find specific information on modifying an M96 to have 3.4 L heads on 3.6 L block?  I have done multiple searches and can only find that its been done.  Is there a shop in the San Francisco Bay Area or basically California that can do this mod?  

Mystery scraping noise

Momentary grating sound (like a shovel on a sidewalk or clearing upper throat) heard each time accelerating @ 25 mph after 15-20 min driving; subsequently, sound occurs in accelerating to 35-40 mph range after 30-40 min driving.  No hesitation in Tiptronic shift into 3rd or 4th when noise happens. 

Engine not starting/turning

Just did a complete engine rebuilt. Battery is 13.87 volts.trying to start engine but only heard a clicking sound in the engine bay, but starter motor will not start. Have cleared the ground wire at the cylinder head and grounding post at body of vehicle. All lights lid up at instruments cluster but no crank. Please help. Chech the battery positive post in the engine bay with no negative reading.
Got feeling might be the immobilizer system.

Know any good engine suppliers?

My engine died with a cylinder d-chunk failure. Not repairable. I see a wide range of Porsche engine suppliers on the web, but many appear to be scams, or close to it. Is there a listing of reputable people I could speak with about where to find an engine that is more than a crap shoot?  


I am considering addressing my IMS bearing issue and replacing the clutch at the same time.  (My clutch is not slipping but the records show it was replaced, oddly enough, at 15K miles so my be close to its life span now 60K miles later.)  Does anyone know of a reputable shop to perform the repair in North Jersey?  And while it is being done, is there other maintenance I should perform on a 76K mile carrera?, ie water pump, RMS (I notice a tiny oil spot on my garage floor), oil separator, oil pressure sending unit (once the pressure dropped to zero while driving).  My plugs were changed by

1999 ims

I know there is much printed on this subject, but I'll ask anyway.  Just purchased a 1999 911 with 42000 miles.  IMS and RMS has not been changed out.  No shavings in the oil filter.  Nothing showed in the PPI.   I know this is subjective, but how concerned should i be about driving it a long distance (1000 miles) without changing out the IMS/RMS? 

Thank you.

IMS and Porsche MIA

Why hasn't Porsche offered a solution? Why didn't the Dealership which I used for all maintance for 14 years tell me of issue? Yesterday after calling Porsche national I called the local Dealer and was told they didn't bring the matter up. When I asked if they checked the oil filter for filings, only when the customer asked.Why were some of Porsche 996 & 997 owners offered resitution but not all? From what i can gather there is a lot of conjector of the cause and yet no clear cut solution.

How serious is this I M S bearing issue

I M S bearing issues etc.

As I mentioned at the top, I am considering buying a 2001 911 Carrera S

from a private seller.

Recently I heard about this I M S bearing problem that these Porsches can and do develop.

Now I have serious concerns about my intended purchase.

How big of a deal is this.

This Porsche has 38,000 miles on it and has been well maintained etc.

Thank you


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