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engine swap 3.4 for 3.6 how to do.

Hi Guys,

Can you tell me what is involved in swapping my 1999- 996-3.4ltr for a 2002 -996-3.6?  

Thanks a bunch,


How do I determine which engine is in my 2000 Carrera 911?

I am trying to determine exactly what motor I have in my 2000 Carrera. I imagine the VIN would indicate that but I do not know which digit(s) deal with the motor type. VIN is WPOAA2992YS621965. Thank you.

Should I change the oil after HPDE events?

I recently ran my first 2 day HPDE event on fresh 0w-40 Mobile 1.  The oil was changed a month before the event and had less than 100 miles on it at the start of day one.  I know its always good cheap insurance to change the oil often but is it recommended after running the car on the track?  IMS was done before I bought the car and the filer was free of any debree upon the change leading up to the event.  I work with a guy that changes before and after every autocross event but that is on a STI.

Devastated - engine fried, interested in options

We purchased this beautiful 2002 996 cab/tiptronic from Suncoast Porsche in Sarasota, FL a few months ago. We wanted to buy from a reputable dealer, and the car had been regularly serviced there throughout its life. A really clean car. Unfortunately, we just learned the engine is blown, not quite sure why. We hadn't put 800 miles on it since the purchase. Having paid cash for it, we do not have the means to repair it, perhaps not for another year. Instead of having it sit in our driveway for an extended period of time, we'd like to see explore some options...

Porsche mechanic/service shop near Miami Shores/North Miami area

Seeking any recommendations for a Porsche service shop in the Miami Shores/North Miami area. Our 2002 996 tiptronic Carrera 4 broke down on the freeway with billowing white smoke in the exterior, source unknown. It was bad enough that My wife who was driving it, couldnt see and pulled over to the side of the freeway We had it towed home but cannot restart it. Will need to tow it to a specialist, hopefully somewhere nearby. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Coolant has oil in it and the dealer can't figure out what is wrong. Help!

While living in the Dallas area I had a coolant leak.  Car towed to local shop and they replaced the oil cooler.  Then all the problems began.  Local Porsche dealer has done every possible test to date and nothing indicates a head gasket, or anything of that nature.  

Mechanic Recommendation in the Florida Panhandle

Can anyone provide a recommendation for a mechanic shop in the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City locations in the Florida panhandle?

What else do I need to fix in my cylinder heads?

I'm in the process of overhauling the (failed) engine from my 1999 996 Carrera 4.  I'm replacing the short block, and reusing the heads.  The heads themselves look quite good for the mileage, with no valve seat wear.  Two exhaust valves were bent, but otherwise all the valves look good and I'm planning to reuse them.  No head cracks, and mimimal machining to flatten the mating surfaces.


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