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How do you get that coolant expansion tank out??

HELP !!! I bought all the parts to replace my coolant expansion tank , new anti freeze , temp sensor , expansion tank and hoses. I took out the rear two engine mounting bolts and dropped the engine about 3 inches . It took me almost 4 hours just to get the old tank out ! What a pain in the butt!! Now im trying to get the new tank in and I just cant seem to wiggle it back in place . The mount that it slides into gets in the way , if I take the mount out the tank fits in great . How low can I lower the engine ? Any tips on how to get this tank back in ?   

996 c2, how to tell if air condition pump is failing.

When I turn on air conditioning I hear noises from the rear of car like a failing bearing whine/growl.  Have replaced belt pulleys, and checked easy rotation of pump with belt off and it felt ok.  Air condition system was checked according to service records and the system pressurized 5/15.  I have owned car 12 months.

Temperature Control Module Brokenn 2002 4s

I have a 2002 4s.  Lately the temperature control unit won't operate on auto.  I push the button, but it goes back to manual.  In addition I the temperature button and fan speed button don't work.  I found a used unit, but then my mechanic says that the dealer has to install it because they are the only ones with the software to program it.

Anyone else gone through this?

996 Air Conditioning Controller Removal

Hi... the LCDs on my air conditioning control unit are starting to disappear.  For example, the "74" in 74 degrees looks like "1  1"  ...the controller is functioning without any problems and all the buttons work so i'm reasonably certain only the display is bad.  My options appear to be 1) replace the entire controller ($350 from LA Dismantler) or 2) replace the LCD panel.  A company out of Moscow, ID, called Module Master has a replacement kit ($75) or I can send it to them for repair ($125).

Foam particles coming from air vents.

I have many small pieces of thin grey foam blowing out of the air vents when the fan speed is high.  Any ideas where the foam may be coming from?  The filter is in good shape.

Pink insulation

Weidest thing. The A/C in my coupe is not as ice cold as in my cab or Boxster. Had it checked out at the dealer back in early spring and all pressures were fine and no leaks. We've recently had a heat spell, and it became more noticable and annoying. For jocks I just checked the cabin air filter and found a pile of what seems like pink insulation on top of the filter. Any ideas?  

996 Climate Control Won't Stay Off

I typically turn off my climate control completely just a few minutes before turning off the car in order to prevent mold/mildew from forming in the system. Despite doing this, the module turns back on in the lowest fan setting when I restart the car. It appears most 996s do not exhibit this behavior and remember their last state of operation such as "Off" or "Auto". I've heard of some '99, '00, and even '01 996s that exhibit behavior just like mine. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thanks you.

Douglas Gibbs

No air from vents

Hi. I have no air coming from the vents in my 996. It cut out one day and came back the next and now nothing  blows out.  Is it a blower motor resistor? Thanks in advance.  Sam, Arlington VA


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