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Seat Covers

So, my 996 drivers seat is very tired. Obviously I could redo the leather. However, is there a nice seat cover an owner could install.

996/986 turn signal lever fix

Has anyone com e up with a "fix" for the cheap plastic flex in the turn signal lever?  Will another generation turn signal swap out?


Interior Color Code

Recently purchased a 996 which needs a few interior trim parts.  In looking at the paint/interior color codes on the label on the lid of the frunk, I can translate the paint code (it's Rainforest Green Metallic), but the interior color code ("SS") has me stumped - none of the on-line references I have found list "SS" as a viable color code.  Any ideas?

Rear shelf replacement for 2004 996 Turbo Cabriolet

The rear shelf in the turbo cabriolet is canvas and located directly behind the rear seats.   Its surface matches the convertible top fabric.  It has 2 round removable plastic inserts that are removed when installing the hardtop, plus 2 rectangular inserts that come out in the event the roll bars are deployed.  I am considering replacing only the canvas shelf itself, as my four inserts are in excellent condition.  Has anyone replaced this shelf as a do-it-yourself project?  I've been told the procedure is a little dicey because of the close proximity to the roll bar mechanism.

Burr wood trim refinishing.

Good day, does anyone know of a place where I can have the gauge cluster surround burr wood trim refinished? It is no longer available as an OEM part and I can't locate any used ones online. My car is 100% original and all the other wood trim is in great condition. I would prefer not going with hydro graphics or vinyl stickers. I've researched salvaged yards as well but no luck. The actual part is 996-552-971-02.


Installing 997 illuminated Turbo door sills on 996


Does anyone have a how-to or explanation of installing 997 illuminated Turbo door sills on a 996? Apparently they fit the same but you'll need to find a power source. I'd appreciate some suggestions or advice- thanks!


This is all I've found on the internet:


Passenger Window Clicking Noise

When the passenger side window goes down or up, at the very end of the process, there is a small clicking noise before finally seated (both up and down).  Due for a service soon, is this something that my mechanic should address or a repair that I can attempt myself?  Understand that door mechanisms can be quite tricky sometimes.  I do have a copy of the Bentley Publihsers service manual for the car.  Note that the door window is able to complete a full cycle in either direction, but the sound does not sound normal.  Thanks.

Removing glue from dash

Hi folks,

I am "decustomizing" a new to me 2000 C4 Cab in which the PO had decided it would be a good idea to cover the carbon fiber surrounds with some abominable rubbery siver coverings.  Using a heat gun I was able to remove all of this without incident from the CF trim. However the drivers and passengers vent surrounds were not CF (leather?) and it appears to make it stick better he used something like superglue or its ilk.

Is there a way to gently remove this without damaging the underlaying original parts?

Thankfully swapping out the donk wheels is simple :)

996 salt water flood damage

I have a 1999 996 Carerra Cabriolet, 125k miles, body inside and out in excellent condition and the motor strong just as a preface here. Just last week we had a rather bad storm of which I had prepaired for. I had my car in my garage which had never had any water in the past 35 years we had the house. Unfortunately this was to be worse than the blizzard of '78, the water level came up to the level of the seat. I was aware of the tide going to be high and checked about 45 minutes before high tide and at that time I knew I was in trouble.


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