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Installing 997 illuminated Turbo door sills on 996


Does anyone have a how-to or explanation of installing 997 illuminated Turbo door sills on a 996? Apparently they fit the same but you'll need to find a power source. I'd appreciate some suggestions or advice- thanks!


This is all I've found on the internet:


Passenger Window Clicking Noise

When the passenger side window goes down or up, at the very end of the process, there is a small clicking noise before finally seated (both up and down).  Due for a service soon, is this something that my mechanic should address or a repair that I can attempt myself?  Understand that door mechanisms can be quite tricky sometimes.  I do have a copy of the Bentley Publihsers service manual for the car.  Note that the door window is able to complete a full cycle in either direction, but the sound does not sound normal.  Thanks.

Removing glue from dash

Hi folks,

I am "decustomizing" a new to me 2000 C4 Cab in which the PO had decided it would be a good idea to cover the carbon fiber surrounds with some abominable rubbery siver coverings.  Using a heat gun I was able to remove all of this without incident from the CF trim. However the drivers and passengers vent surrounds were not CF (leather?) and it appears to make it stick better he used something like superglue or its ilk.

Is there a way to gently remove this without damaging the underlaying original parts?

Thankfully swapping out the donk wheels is simple :)

996 salt water flood damage

I have a 1999 996 Carerra Cabriolet, 125k miles, body inside and out in excellent condition and the motor strong just as a preface here. Just last week we had a rather bad storm of which I had prepaired for. I had my car in my garage which had never had any water in the past 35 years we had the house. Unfortunately this was to be worse than the blizzard of '78, the water level came up to the level of the seat. I was aware of the tide going to be high and checked about 45 minutes before high tide and at that time I knew I was in trouble.

996 Targa Sunshade Replacement

The sunshade in my 03' Targa is no longer useable...and needs to be replaced. The motor and cables are fine.  

I'm waiting to receive a replacement sunshade from Suncoast Porsche which which is upgraded with a tighter weave to block more sunlight than the OEM version.  It gets hot in Sacramento and it's supposedly a direct replacement for the OEM shade.  

Tequipment Roll Bars for 996

I'm trying to find a Tequipment roll bar for my '02 996 Cab.  The Porsche parts manual shows a roll bar for the Cab (996 580 984 00) as having cross braces, and the Coupe roll bar (996 580 981 00) showing no cross braces.  Does anyone know if there are any differences in mounting points?  Said another way, will the Coupe roll bar mount into my 996 Cab without modification or drilling?

Glovebox issue

I need to replace a broken glovebox handle/latch on my 2002 911 C2 Cab. Parts have been purchased and are in hand. I need to remove the glovebox door inner liner that is secured by 11 screws. Once the liner is removed access is then available to remove the two screws holding the original glovebox latch in hidden below the liner. The problem is the removal of the right and left side glovebox "door" supports holding the "door" in place. Does anyone know how to remove these sliding supports before I do something incorrectly and wind up breaking them.

Removing the liner on the inside of the glovebox door

I am replacing a broken glovebox handle on my 2002 911 C2 Cab. All parts are available to me. I need to remove the interior glove box liner that covers the inside of the drop down door. It is secured by screws. Most of the screws have been removed. The door needs to be released from the left and right side sliding supports in order for me to move the remaining screws and thus remove the liner to gain access to the backside of the existing lock. My question is do you release the two supports so that the door may drop down further to gain access to the remaining screws.


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