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my rear window seems like it is disconnected from the motor. when i depress the window switch i hear something moving like the motor? but the windown seems disconnected from the motor. I can move the window up and down by just pulling on it. this car is a cabriolet.

Preferences on an air filter for 911 996? or should I just go with the OEM filter?

I want to change the air filter for my 911 996 C4S.  Wondering if there are any air filters that are an improvement over the OEM recomendation?  How often should it be replaced?  

Radio Upgrade?

Anyone have any suggestions for stock radio upgrade with Bluetooth, Satellite options?

If I buy a Porsche outside of California are there technical concerns about emissions and DMV fees?

I am considering purchasing a 911 out of state and registering it in California. Are there technical issues with emissions and extra DMV fees?

Thank you 

996 Maintenance schedule

Is there a recommended maintenance schedule available for the 996?




A/C or cooling seats

I own a 2004 911 4S Cabrolet.  I have black leather seats.  I drive my car A LOT in Arizona and then North Carolina  and in between 2 times a year !!! 

I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for a way to have my driver's seat  replaced with an a/c  seat OR   have someone steer me to a company that can do this type of work.

2001 996 conversions to suit European requirements

Have 2001 996 cabriolet that I am planning to ship to France as part of home relocation.  What if any modifications will I have to make to comply with EU regulations.


Robert Armstrong

Tel: 1-773-899-1724

I am thinking of buying a 1999 911 convertible but top is not functioning

Does anyone have any idea why the convertible top would not be functioning and what the possible cost would be to repair it?

Cost to change oil and transmission fluid on 2000 911 ?

I recently purchased this car and I want to immediately change the transmission fluid and drain the break in oil and replace it. Can anyone assist me in the approximate cost. I just want to know so that way I won’t be taken advantage of


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