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I am thinking of buying a 1999 911 convertible but top is not functioning

Does anyone have any idea why the convertible top would not be functioning and what the possible cost would be to repair it?

Cost to change oil and transmission fluid on 2000 911 ?

I recently purchased this car and I want to immediately change the transmission fluid and drain the break in oil and replace it. Can anyone assist me in the approximate cost. I just want to know so that way I won’t be taken advantage of

which car stereo entertainment can I upgrade my 2004 996 to give me Bluetooth and back up camera

I am struggling to find which car stereo entertainment is the best to upgrade my current Bose factory to a system that will give me Bluetooth and a back up camera . Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

correct idle speed

recently renewed/update engine w/ IMS, clutch, hydraulic chain tensioners etal----.. What is the proper RPM at Idle?


Is there a bluetooth adapter for my 2003 996 for HF calling & music streaming, I have the Bose & nav options?

996 water pump and thermostat

How often should the water pump/ thermostat be replaced?

Sun Roof Trouble

I have a 2002 Porsche 911 C4S with sunroof trouble. The tilt feature opening and closing works fine and the motor sounds good!  The actual retracting mode does not.  The roof will open about 15mm and stop. Sometimes it will not closed at all.  I have a hunch this is common.  What is the likely culprit? Is there good illustration that will allow me to fix? Thanks in advance for your reply! -Bud Hoffmann Chardon, Ohio

Radar Detectives


Not really technical, but I've never owned a radar detective and now that I have my dream car, well...looking for any feedback, leaning towards Escort, redline, max 360, 9500ix...???  Any recommendations or thoughts, appreciate it.   I've done some of my own research but thought I would check with this group. Thank you. 



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