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convertible top compartment will not finish close

Convertible top front latch does not engage.Top is up, but the rear windows are not. No sound when either convertible top switch or rear window switch (either left or right) are pushed.

Water hose to oil separator connection

Information on changing the connection piece for the water hose to oil separator

Spoiler has shifted back and now scrapes the rear deck.

The spoiler on my '04 C4S suddenly moved back almost 1/4". The rear edge now scrapes the rear deck. Fasteners were not loose. I tried to shift the hinges forward but the adjustments are maxed. Porsche techs were not able to resolve and suggested a replacement spoiler might be needed. Any experience and / or suggestions regarding possible causes and fixes? Thanks. 

Trusted Porsche Independent Mechanic around Palm Springs, CA

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and have a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4. I have noticed some coolant leaking towards the front left side of my car (near to the tire). Are there any good porsche mechanics that are fair, honest, reasonable in their prices, and good at their work, that you recommend located close to me. I am in in Palm Springs, CA (southern california).

Thank you.




Storing Car on Car Lift

Been weighing pros/cons of a home use car lift - 4 vs 2 post. I like the 2 post for smaller footprint and more accesability. However I do want to store 911 Cab up high during winter months and old school thoughts are NEVER store on 2 post with wheels/suspenstion hanging free and basicaly over extended as well as possible body twist. The newer 2 Posts are much safer and quite capable of safetly holding up the car for months but the suspension concerns are still there. Reading through many blogs until my eyes couldnt take it anymore and it seems split on opionions.

Issues with my sunroof

My sunroof would no fully close. there is a hinge piece on the drivers side with a plastic coating that keeps breaking, not allowing the roof to open or close.

How to adjust day/month/year on center console?

I have a 2003 911 Carerra Convertible.  Its date on the center console screen comes up with a day/month/year readout.  Very nice, but it comes up with the wrong day/month/year.  Currently showing year 2000.  I've tried to figure out how to change this but there is nothing in the owners manual that i can find.  PLEASE let me know how to modify this as its driving me batty!  Thank you group!




2002 911 Carrera - Mechanic Recommendations in Chicago West Suburbs

I recently purchased a 2002 911 Carrera Cabriolet, and I’m looking for a good Porsche mechanic/service shop in the West suburbs of Chicago.

I’m looking for regular maintenance and repair, not a performance shop.

A recommendation from anyone with area is appreciated.



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