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Suspension and Steering


Which struts are best for casual, non-aggressive driving in a 1999 911 (996)?

Is alignment needed after having front inner and outer CV boots replaced (996 C4S)?

Greetings - I recently had my front inner and outer CV boots (both sides) changed on my 2003 996 C4S at the local Porsche dealer. It was preventitive as one of the boots had a small tear. I understand that the removal and installation requires some work (8 hours on muscle work apparently). Since getting the car back I have noted that the handling is off. I don't have the same confidence in corners at speed as the car feels unstable and at times wanting to lift. It is  not low tire pressure however I do see a very slight positive camber (visually).

Front End Under Carriage Rattle

At slow speeds I can hear an annoying rattle from the front end under carriage (or appears so).  I don't think it's related to the suspension, it sounds like plastic flapping. My mechanic checked the suspension parts and everything seems ok. I really like this car, but the rattle, for me, is annoying enough to trade if I can't resolve.  Please advise, thanks.

996 40th anniversary bump steer

HI There,

My 996 40th bought in January with 39 K miles is giving me a lot of steer bump over unneven roads (common in the bay area to say the least...)

I have had a full alignment done and the tech highlighted that the front was difficult to align due to stretchted (worn) bushings (i believe mainly control arms ones).

I am looking for advice on:

> if worn bushes could impact the front alignment to factory recommendations? or is it that the shop did not know how to do the job on this car?

Front end noise

Before bringing my car into the shop, I would appreciate your insights.  While driving, (smooth or rough roads, at various speeds) there is an intermittent (maybe every few seconds) clunking sound coming from the driver's side front end that can be felt through the steering wheel.  When I swapped out my winter tires a few months ago and had the front end elevated, I checked the linkages for anything loose and all appeared to be ok - I also tried to shake the wheel while in the air and everything was tight with no sway or give.

996 rear end clunking noise mystery help

Has any 996 owners ferreted out a hard to diagnose rear suspection clunk?

I have a distinct engine/suspention/transmission "Clunk" I can't trouble shoot, both by private porsche mechanic and dealer have done their best.

report back are All the suspect/normal guilty bushings, mounts and fasters upon inspection and testing are unwarn/tight/otherwise "Look good".

sounds like it comes from lower rear when car traverses uneven surfaces at slow or potholes/divits in road.

Are there any not so obvious cluprits you may have found?



Which Strut / Shock to use on a car with PSM?

Hi, I have a 2000 Porsche 996. I'm trying to determine which struts / shocks to use for my 996, which has PSM. I assume I need to replace the suspension with PSM replacement components.

I initially wanted to use the Koni FSD or the Bilstein HDs, but I spoke to sales representatives at Koni and at Bilstein and they both said they do not make a PSM version of their struts / shocks for my 2000 Porsche. 

So, my question is - what type of struts / shocks do I use for a 2000 Porsche 996 with PSM?

Koni FSD Damper Set

Hi, I have a 2000 Porsche 996 with about 63,000 miles. The front bump stops look very dry and have mostly disintegrated and I need to replace them, but since I need to remove the struts, I thought that with 63,000 miles on them, I should upgrade to a set of Konis.

I've done quite a bit of research and have decided to go with the - Koni FSD Damper Set (Manufacturer Part #: 2100-4110). 


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