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Transmission and Clutch

Manual shifter and cable replacement

I recently had the shifter cables replaced in my 911 because of a failure in the original cables.  The action of the shifter now does not have the spring sensation of bringing the shifter back to the netrual position between 3 & 4th gear. For example, when you shift from first to neutral, the shifter will stay in the 1-2 neutral position and not "spring" over to the 3-4 neutral as it normally would do; same when down shifting from 5 to 4, or 3.

Are there springs that should have been replaced?  What makes the shifter spring into the 3-4 neutral position?

Looking for a 02 Carrera mechanic 33896

I'm looking for a certified Porsche (2002) Carrera mechanic close to me.

My zip is 33896

Clutch and IMS service location


New member here! Thank you for having me!

I need a new clutch and would LIKE to have the IMS replaced. I have been in contact with Hennessy Porsche in Atlanta and they can do the clutch work, no issue there. They will NOT do anything to the IMS. Apparently it is a "hands off" approach from Porsche until there is a major issue... and then it is usually too late. I Just need some helpful input as to some reputable servie locatiosn that would offer quality clutch replacement and can and have experiance with IMS replacement. 


Mystery scraping noise

Momentary grating sound (like a shovel on a sidewalk or clearing upper throat) heard each time accelerating @ 25 mph after 15-20 min driving; subsequently, sound occurs in accelerating to 35-40 mph range after 30-40 min driving.  No hesitation in Tiptronic shift into 3rd or 4th when noise happens. 

Price range to replace clutch and flywheel for 2002 996?

Would love to hear what a price range would be to get club ch and flywheel replaced from dealer.

Can I remove the front transmission bracket of A 96.30 AWD tiptronic.

I used the AGA removal installation tool to remove the original mount then inserted the rennline replacement mount.  I got this mount in 3/4ths of the way in and its now stuck.  I noticed this bracket is srewed on the transmission housing and looked online for diagrams on this.  I found limited diagrams that showing the bolt that holds the yoke and 4 torx screws.  A better diagram is seen in the website for part number 996321056X showing bearings retaining clips and the drive gear with other bearing caps.

2001, 996 Short Shift Kit

I am looking for some feeback on what the best "Bang for the Buck" Short Shift Kit is.  It seems like most kits have there share of good reviews but the pricing differs alot.  I am a newer 996 owner haveing sold my 1986 928S that I had for the last 10 years.  Any feedback would be appreciated. I am able to do the work myself with most projects.

2002 Porsche 911/996 Tiptronic location?

Where is the Tiptronic control module located in a 2002 911 Carrera coup?

Transmission oil capacity - 2000 911 tiptonic

My owner's manual gives the automatic transmission capacity as a whopping 10 quarts. Every dealer or independent shop tells me changing the tranny oil takes 4 quarts and that is all they can get out because of the torque converter.

Is all of this true? What are we supposed to do about the remaining 6 quarts of dirty oil?



How do I find out if my 2000 911 tiptonic has the double or single IMS bearings?

I have tried without success to provide my VIN to Porsche and Porsche dealers to determine if my 2000 911 (tiptonic) has the single or double bearing configuration. It is my understanding that the double bearing is reliable but not the single.




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