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Seeking Origin/Manufacturer of 19” Wheels (see pictures)

Does anyone have any background on these wheels?  I can't find on the web. Rather large at 19" and have Allen keyed lug bolts that I want to replace and can't find either.  With so little sidewall I'd like to locate a couple replacements.  Any information greatly appreciated.

Rear tires wear

I have a 1999 Porsche Carrera cabriolet and my question is that I cannot put more then 10,000 KM on a set of rear tires. Is there a problem with my car or my driving (I do not track or race with the car). I have tried Bridgestone, Yokohama (265/35/18R) without any success I still have to change the tires around 8,000 or 9,000 KM which is not a lot. I try to purchase tires with the hardest gums but no positive results. Does somebody have the same problem, if there is a problem or is this a normal situation? There is no problem with the front tires, normal wear and tear.

Temporary spare tire replacement

I need to replace my 105/95 R17 90M temporary spare tire and am having a hard time finding an exact match. Does anyone know of other sizes that I can use on that rim and still fit in the trunk. I solved my own problem by researching and comparing dimensions. The Continental CST17 in 125/80 R 17 99M fits perfectly. The cover is snug.


Security Socket

I do not have the Security Socket  for my Porsche 911, HOW DO I GET THE WHEELS off?, HELP 

Any aluminum-based anti-seize lubricant can be used on wheel bolts?

Good Day Comrades,

The owner's manual in my 2003 911 (996) asks for a light coat of Optimoly TA (aluminum paste) to be applied to the wheel bolts before fitting.

The Optimoly TA / Castrol Optimol Paste TA is quite a difficult find (no Porsche or BMW dealer had them), and quite pricey when quoted ($80 for a 4oz tube or so).

Is Permatex Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant #80078, Wurth AL1100 Aluminum Paste Anti-Seize, or Loctite Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound LB8008 (Part#5114) an appropriate substitute?

Security Bolt for a 2004 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

I purschase this Porsche not looking to see if the Security Bolt was in it,these are after market rims, 18 " Alloy, when it was deliveried, about a day later, read & looking, I found out that the Security Bolt incorrect , I don't know the Name of the Rims I reach out to Rayco Eurospec Motorcars were I purchased it not having much luck, HOW CAN I GET A SECURITY BOLT for this Porsche? I paid Cash for the purchase of the Porsche


Carlton Eddy

Why is my rear tire smaller Diameter than my Front ( ? )

Bill, John Ellis from GGR San Carlos checking in again.  I will send some images to the address to better demonstrate my challenge/ question.  Here is what's up.  I used to have a 2001 Carrera with 19" Lowenhart 3 piece wheels, Rear tire size is 285-30-19 ( 25.7" diameter ).  I have no clue what the offset is as I can't find much info on these nice wheels as Lowenhart is out of business. Regardless, I really like the appearence, fit and performance of these wheels ( my tires are the Conti DWS fitment ). A liitte inside rub on the fronts, but nothing extreme or damaging.

Wheel compatability

Looking to upgrade 18 inch wheels on 2002 c2 to 2004 gt3 rims. Is this a good idea?

Rear vs Front Tire Size

How big can I go on my rear tires without causing traction problems on the front. Today I have 275 / 35 / ZR18 on back Michelin Pilot Super Sports and 225/40/ZR18 Falken on front. Bummed the new rear tires wore out fast 18 months compared to front used over 3 years. I'm told that big on back can create front oversteer. So what should I do to optimize balance, treadwear and traction yet still have fun taking fast hard turns freeway or racetrack?  

996 rear tire

Largest rear tire without rubbing on factory suspension.Wheels are 18 inch factory chrome turbo wheels twist wheels


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