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Good detail shop/mechanic in Sioux Falls

I am looking for a good mechanic for general service and maintenance of my cars, I have a 2007 C4 and will take delivery of a 1997 C2 later this month. I am also looking for a good body shop for detailing and getting the 3M clear film. Any suggestions?


Whats the best product to maintain the plastics on a Porsche

Recently bought my first and definitely not my last 911,  I noticed that the seals (i.e. window and cowl), are prone to the same deterioration that a lot of the eurpoean cars are noted for here in S Florida, they get gummy and sticky and just fall apart.  I am wondering, what it the best care that can keep them from falling apart.  Also where is the best place to order replacement parts.  Dealership, forget it, they are the last resort with their high price point.  Thank you for any wisdom that can be imparted on these questions

Pre purchase inspection Pompano Beach, FL

I am looking for a PCA reccomended Pre Purchase Inslpection company for a 911 S I am looking to buy in Pomoano Beach FL.  I am in Scottsdale, AZ


water leaks through the two small side windows at carwash

I took my car to the touchless carwash a few times, but water leaks in through the two small rear windows every time.  Is this normal?

Wind Noise

I have a wind whistle, location unknown, starting at about 70kph (40mph) and going away at about 110kph (70mph).  I can get it to go away completely by popping the sunroof up to its back edge raised position, so it is likely something pressure oriented.  I have been complaining to the dealership about it since I got the car about 2 years ago.  No results from them thus far, though I have managed to get them to agree that there is such a noise, which took a while.  Anyone have any thoughts on what is the specific cause and how I can go about fixing it myself?

Leave spoiler up ok?

Daily driver. Not diven hard! Wife likes look of spoiler in up position. Is there any negative impact on car or device from leaving spoiler in the up position?

replace rear deck lettering (Carrera S)

The lettering is damaged and must be replaced or repaired (I have the broken pieces).  What is the best way to do this (both repair & replacement).



Body Repair Recommendation

Last night my Porsche connected with someone who failed to recognize the significance of a red light. Hoping someone can recommend a body shop for repairs. Not sure if our Nashville dealer does body work or is my best choice. Any help is much appreciated.


Rick Daw


Passenger Window Auto-Up Function

Model: 997 Coupe, Year:2007, Mileage:14000, Type of use:Street use only

rear spoiler on cabriolet

Model: 911, Year:2006, Mileage:23000, Type of use:Street use only
I'm about to take a 1500 mile trip... mostly freeway miles at speeds between 70 & 80 mph. Gas mileage is an issue and i'm wondering if closing the rear spoiler, say at 80 mph, is possible and if possible does it significantly affect handling and will it improve gas mileage by reducing drag.Thanks,Bill Johnston, Baltimore


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