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how to solve sticky radio and a/c knobs

The control knobs on the radio and a/c control have become sticky. Is their any solution for this without the expense of replacing them.

Thanks Don McCulloch


Drivers Side Door wont open from the outside

My drivers side door will not open from the outside. I pull on the handle and the window motions to slide down. I have to then enter from the passenger side and open the drivers side door from the inside.

997 Cruise control

My cruise control wont come on, The ligt lights up at start-up but when you actually try to turn on it wont light up and you can set any speed. Anybody has an ideea of what can be wrong?

Sport button

When I hit the Sport button on the dash, both it and the button next to it (picture of shock absorber??) light up.  When I then hit the shock absorber button, its light goes off but the Sport button light stays on.  Am I still getting any kind of function in this mode?

What service is required

For the last 2 weeks I'm getting a "service in -- days" countdown on my instrument panel when I start the car. I haven't seen a "time" countdown before.

Whats it wanting?

How do I reprogram a key fob? I have the key tag. The key went through the wash.

Key #1 went through the wash.  While wet, the remote still worked.  I took the key apart and dried/cleaned the board.  The remote no longer works, but the key is recognized as key1 when put into the ignition, and it unlocks and starts the car.  Key #2 works fine and has the bar code and 5 digit number attached to it.  When I press the door unlock button on key #1, the key's red led doesn't light.

Home headlight setting

When headlight is set in the home position, headlights do not come on at dusk automatically so I have to turn to the low beam position on the dial.  Is there an adjustment i can make to correct this?  Thanks.

Ac/ fan switch damaged


Through use the ac/ fan control icons have worn off and now look like white blobs

I wondered if anyone has a recommendation for maybe hobby shop paint or some other idea to  cover up the worn icons and make the switches totally black 

I assume replacing the switches would be a big job and I just want a easy fix  thank you !  Russ DeJulio Pittsburgh 



door lock

Model: 911, Year:2007, Mileage:36000, Type of use:Street use only My key fob doesn't unlock the doors or the front trunk. How can I open them?


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