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997 Instrument Cluster Replacement

My 2006 997 C4S (6 manual) came with the red face dials on the instrument cluster, I'm not a huge fan.  I've found a used cluster online off a 2007 manual 997 and was wondering if they're interchangable.  Note that my car is early and does not have TPMS whereas the one that I'm considering has the factory TPMS on the gauge face.  I realize there'd be some programming involved with the mileage and such, but will there be issues with key coding or other things that I may not be considering?  Any input is appreciated.  



Fault indicator Coolant gauge

I have a 997 Gen II Carrera S Cab.  Recently,  I have noticed that first thing in the morning after driving the car for about 1-2 miles, the coolant gauge acts "jumpy" and then I get a Coolant Fault Indicator on the dash.  This goes away in seconds and the coolant gauge makes it to 175 without any trouble.  It never goes above 175.  There is no coolant leaking out of the car. It does not occur for the rest of the day.

Is this a low voltage issue since the car has been on a battery maintainer for the winter or is there a temperature sensor issue?



TPMS Reset problem

I recently replaced the tires on my 2007 Targa S and then got a display on the message board that the Tire Pressure had to be reset. I followed the instructions on the car manual and have not been able to reset the TPMS. I took the car to a local Porsche mechanic and they connected a computer to the car and they were not able to reset it either. The batteries in the valves are in 82% and everything seemed fine. They asked that I bring the car back for additional diagnosis which I hope to do sometime soon. Any recommendations what the problem may be?

TPMS: 433 MHZ or 315 MHZ?

Looking to replace all four TPMSensors.  The supplier (OE Wheels) shows a 433 MHZ version as well as a 315 MHZ type.  Advice regarding which one to choose would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

TPMS misreading

TPMS system is reading six pounds below actual pressure reading on all four tires even after Reset.    TPMS system was replaced in 2014. Any ideas as to what might be causing this misreading? 

Internal CD player/ Radio

The CD player inside the car begins making a sound only after I have been driving the car for 2 or more hours straight the noise seems to be eminating from the CD player internally. I normally notice it on road trips. I cannot tell if the sound is the CD player trying to constantly eject something, or trying to play. The noise last approximately 5 mins and then will stop, pushing the power button does not allow the noise stop, nor does the CD eject button. 

I have the 6 CD changer unit in the frunk. 

Any ideas what this could be?

Adding bluetooth device

My 2005 Carrera 2 is equipped with the standard Radio Unit with Bose Speakers and CD (1) player, no Nav, no Bluetooth. Are there any plug and play bluetooth devices available for this Radio Unit?



Built in phone (2g) will no longer be supported. Is there an upgrade option or workaround that is reasonable?

I have recently been informed that the builtin phone in my 2008 911 C4S Cabriolet will no longer be supported by AT&T. The phone I believe is a 2g phone and they are dropping this service. I am wondering if there is an upgrade option, bluetooth option or workaround for the phone?

Thank you!


Replace steering wheel-re-install airbag


Can I replace steering wheel and remove /install the airbag safely on the new steering wheel?






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