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IMSB failure odds

Have had my 2006 CarreraS for a few years (12/05 build). IMSB chatter has, at times, been very worrisome. Then sometimes not. Today I'm back to having big concern. With the history and data of this issue to date, what would you guess my chances of failure might be?
Jim Kirkland
Wimberley, TX

Catastrophic Engine Failure - Oil Change Intervals and Oil Brand

I spend a considerable amount of time reading about and researching Porsche vehicles, 911's in particular. My reference sources include Rennlist, 6Speed Online, Panorama, Excellence, etc. Recently I have been reading about catastrophic engine failures being blamed on oil change intervals and oil manufacturer/brand. Specifically 6 month/5K miles vs. 1 year/10K miles oil changes, and Mobil 1 vs Motul oil manufacturer. The implication is that Mobil 1 oil is poison for your 997 engine. My indy shop does use Motul for my P car.

Low mpg on recent purchase

I just bought a 997 S cab, CPO from the dealer.  I'm getting lower mpg's than my 05 base carerra.  I don't think the spark plugs have been replaced.  Could this be the issue for the low mpg?  A 20k service was completed before I bought the car.  The engine runs and idles fine.  Thanks.

Coolant Loss on 997 C4 with 105k mls

I have a 2006 Carrera 4, 105,000 miles with a six speed manual.

I haven't had the car that long (have had several 996s prior), maybe two months and 6,000 miles.  I've done a lot of highway driving (several 400+ mile trips) at 75/80 mph since I have had it, and not sure it has been doing this the whole time, with no apparent coolant leak, but I keeping adding Porsche coolant and mixing it with the proper amount of water.  

IMS Failure Issue

Hi ,

Currently im suffering in a IMS failure related to replace the engine block , porsche dealer in NY charged me $26000 for the repair but only the block is new all other compotnent will be transfer from the old engine , is it something that i should have all parts in new since is a complete engine replacement repair ?

The other question i have is ,  i brought the car used through a Land Rover dealership and only eligible for 25% reinbusement(IMS settlement Class act law suite ) from Porsche of North America , because is not brought at ACPO . is it right ?

997 Engine Sooty Exhaust

Upon brisk acceleration, my 997S has a momentary blast of black sooty exhaust. It's been that way since I bought it used (Porsche certified) a little more than 10,000 miles ago. My dealer tells me that this and heavy oil consumption are normal behavior. I'm amazed that This would be the case and believe that Porsche should issue a recall to fix. Anyone else have this experience and advice to avoid further highway embarrassment?

Slight Hesitation at 2800 RPM

I have a 2009 911 C2S with a manual transmission. Recently I have noticed a slight hesitation in the engine at around 2800 RPM. I thought that I had read something about this in another forum and since my car is still under CPO warranty I thought I'd ask to see if this is a known issue that can be easily remedied by ECU update or some other means. Are you familiar with this issue? Have there been any TSB's issued for it that you may be aware of? 

Thank you in advance.


Getting smoke from drivers exhaust on startup and carbon buildup on same side

When I start up my 2005 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, the driver side exhaust blows smoke and there is a buildup of carbon. THe right side is clean. Any ideas what is causing this?

replaced engine due to ins bearing failure. need advice on what analysis needs to be completed on engine before 2 yr warranty expires on the new engine .thanks

997 911 coupe had ims engine failure 20 months ago at 89000 miles. Dealer replaced the engine with new Porsche engine  Have a 2 year warranty and it expires in less than 60 days. Would like to have a thorough analysis of the engines health (so to speak) before warranty expires. Do not think I have issues,but I did not think so when the engine failed.I change oil every 3000 miles. Can you help with the correct request of service language that I should use when I ask that the engine be examined.

Oil drain plug location.

Model: GT3RS, Year:2008, Mileage:10000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2008 GT3RS. Where is the oil drain plug location? Only one? Hex head or 8 mm hex allen wrench? Looks like the oil filter is in the engine bay. Thanks for the help.


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