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engine knocking

Model: 997S, Year:2008, Mileage:17000, Type of use:Street use only


Model: 997, Year:06, Mileage:25,000, Type of use:Street use only
I have 1 2006 997. When should I have the coolant hoses replaced.Thanks

oil temperture

Model: 911 S, Year:2007, Mileage:9,600, Type of use:Street use only
I drive my 2007 911S in the mountains aggressively.It has been noted that my oil temp varies between 220 and 230 during spirited driving, while the water temp is a steady 175.Is 220 to 230 ok??Thanks,Barry Smith

intermediate bearings

Model: 997, Year:2006, Mileage:73000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2006 997 with 73,000 on it. was the intermediate bearings installed in the 06's the newer heavier duty bearings? Should I be concerned?Thanks for your help.

Sport Mode Software "upgrade"

Model: Carrera, Year:2007, Mileage:22,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track


Model: 997tt, Year:2010, Mileage:6000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Thinking of installing aftermarket sport exhaust. Cars has PDK .What brand sounds best and adds the most horse power?

Correct Motor Oil

Model: 997 c4s, Year:2007, Mileage:36000, Type of use:Street use only
Is Mobil 1 Formula M 5w-40 the same as Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5w-40? No one seems to sell the former, but can find the latter.

Oil Pressure

Model: Carrera, Year:2010, Mileage:4,240, Type of use:Street use only
At 6:00 am after driving approx 6 miles to work, the oil pressure gauge reads 1 qt low. At 5:00 pm, driving the same 6 miles home, at the same speed, the oil pressure reads full. What gives?


Model: 997, Year:2008, Mileage:9700, Type of use:Both Street & Track

oil pressure

Model: Carrera, Year:2005, Mileage:9000, Type of use:Street use only
i'm the new proud owner of a very low mileage 2005 carrera. i've noticed that the oil pressure spikes to 5 at start and stays there unless, after warming, the clutch is in or the car is at idle, then it will drop to 2.5 or 3. when accelerating and or running it goes back up to 5. from what i've read i'm guessing this is normal but wanted to make sure. thanks guys. michael


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