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Any tips on keeping mice out of car? 911 is in the garage, we go in the garage often but do not drive the car very often

Any tips on keeping mice out of your car?  Second time evidence of mice damage during maintenance.  Car is garage kept, we go into the garage frequently, have mouse traps in the garage.  We don't drive the car that much, I think that is part of the problem.  

Garage stacking lift

need advice on stacking lift for 911 Cabriolet

we have a standard two car garage with overhead garage door

anyone has experience with installing and using stacking lift in this situation?  

any advice?


Recommended helmet brands for DE or track days?

Hello everyone,

i recently purchased my first Porsche, a 2009 Carrera, and am preparing for my first driver education event, at Gingerman in South Haven, Michigan. In the DE Tech Sheet it shows I am required to have a helmet with Snell SA 2010 or later. I have not shopped for a helmet for over 30 years and have no idea what is good and comfortable these days.

Your help and advice is appreciated.

Thank you


Jeffrey Antonelli

Looking up Porsche parts

I'm new Porsche owner after string of nine BMWs.  When working on those cars I frequently used website RealOEM dot com to look up part diagrams and numbers.  What is best way for me to do that with my Carrera?  Thanks. 

replacement key

I just got my used 2011 911 Turbo but only came with one key and the dealer quoted over $600 to replace. Anyone have any better sources for that? Thanks

Maryland or Northern Virginia 911 Mechanic


I just joined PAC. I recently bought a 2006 Carrera 911.  This is my 1st Porsche and it is very exciting. My check engine light went on, Rockville dealer read the codes P0430, P0491 and P0492. I was told that it may be a O2 sensor and air pump issues-- all related to emissions. I would appreciate someone recommending a local 911 mechanic. I would like to build a relationship and take to that mechanic for all services. Alternatively, does anyone have experience using Porsche of Rockville?
Thanks in Advance. 

Water under car between front wheels

Hello, I noticed today after I removed my car from the garage that that there was a pool of water between the front wheels (possible center of the car). About 6 inches on a piece of plywood. Is this a sign of a coolant leak or is this a normal drain area for AC condensation?  I checked my coolant and noticed it was a below the minimum, so a little concerned to take it out this next week. I was planning on doing a 4 hour drive.





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