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Looking up Porsche parts

I'm new Porsche owner after string of nine BMWs.  When working on those cars I frequently used website RealOEM dot com to look up part diagrams and numbers.  What is best way for me to do that with my Carrera?  Thanks. 

replacement key

I just got my used 2011 911 Turbo but only came with one key and the dealer quoted over $600 to replace. Anyone have any better sources for that? Thanks

Maryland or Northern Virginia 911 Mechanic


I just joined PAC. I recently bought a 2006 Carrera 911.  This is my 1st Porsche and it is very exciting. My check engine light went on, Rockville dealer read the codes P0430, P0491 and P0492. I was told that it may be a O2 sensor and air pump issues-- all related to emissions. I would appreciate someone recommending a local 911 mechanic. I would like to build a relationship and take to that mechanic for all services. Alternatively, does anyone have experience using Porsche of Rockville?
Thanks in Advance. 

Water under car between front wheels

Hello, I noticed today after I removed my car from the garage that that there was a pool of water between the front wheels (possible center of the car). About 6 inches on a piece of plywood. Is this a sign of a coolant leak or is this a normal drain area for AC condensation?  I checked my coolant and noticed it was a below the minimum, so a little concerned to take it out this next week. I was planning on doing a 4 hour drive.




Performance Mods and HP Gains on 2009 C2S

I've owned my 2009 911 Carrera S since 2012 and have been loving life behind the wheel ever since. During the past five years of P-Car ownership I have had the good fortune to particpate in a couple of instructor led track days, one at the Porsche Experience Center and one with Audi Sport at Atlanta Motor Sports Park. Over time I have become much more comfortable behind the wheel, and while the 3.8L engine with 6 speed manual tranny is a kick to drive, I am looking for ways to squeeze out some additional HP.

Good detail shop/mechanic in Sioux Falls

I am looking for a good mechanic for general service and maintenance of my cars, I have a 2007 C4 and will take delivery of a 1997 C2 later this month. I am also looking for a good body shop for detailing and getting the 3M clear film. Any suggestions?


Taking Porsche 911 to Germany

I have a 2012 997.2 that I will be taking with me to Germany in the coming month (being transferred by my company). Does anyone have experience with what modifications I would have to be made to a US spec 911 to make it road legal to register in Germany? Have been looking everywhere and no seems to have a solid answer for this. Thanks for your help...



Extended Warranty

Can anyone recommend an extended warranty company for a 2006 Porsche Carrera S with approximately 52000 miles.  Thanks. 


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