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Good detail shop/mechanic in Sioux Falls

I am looking for a good mechanic for general service and maintenance of my cars, I have a 2007 C4 and will take delivery of a 1997 C2 later this month. I am also looking for a good body shop for detailing and getting the 3M clear film. Any suggestions?


Taking Porsche 911 to Germany

I have a 2012 997.2 that I will be taking with me to Germany in the coming month (being transferred by my company). Does anyone have experience with what modifications I would have to be made to a US spec 911 to make it road legal to register in Germany? Have been looking everywhere and no seems to have a solid answer for this. Thanks for your help...



Extended Warranty

Can anyone recommend an extended warranty company for a 2006 Porsche Carrera S with approximately 52000 miles.  Thanks. 

Front Sensors?

Hi everyone.  I'm a new member, just took deliver on my first Porsche, a 2009 911 Carrera S in Ruby Red.  It is an awesome car!  (But you all knew that.)

I'm still trying to figure out all the features of the car since I've only had it a week.  There are sensors in the front that I can't figure out.  There are two of them, one on each side.  (One pictured below.)  I'm guessing they are after market because I don't see them in any pictures of other 997.2s online.  Any idea what they might be?



Leather rear view mirror covers

Does anyone know where i can get some custom made elather side view mirror covers for a 2005 997made preferrable near Austin Teaxs?



CD stuck in my 2006 911

My CD is stuck in the player and won't eject.  I have tried some tricks I checked out on You Tube and none worked.  Will I need to take my car to the dealership and will they have to rip out the dash?

Thank you, John





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