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Factory repair manuals

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2007; Mileage: 647;

What is the availability of Factory Repair manuals for current model cars??

Heated Storage versus Non Heated

Vehicle Information: Model : Carrera S Cab - 997; Year: 2007; Mileage: 2,500;

I am going to be taking my car off the road for the winter and will be storing it covered in an unheated garage. I am aware of the battery maintainer and tire pressure. Is this bad for the car? Should I be looking to store it in a heated environment instead? Thanks in advance for your advice.Dave C

2007 997 Maintenance

Vehicle Information: Model : 911; Year: 2007; Mileage: 5,000;

The maintenance booklet recommends service at 2 year/20,000 mile intervals. Since I will be driving about 6,000 miles per year, on the street, is there a benefit to some level of service on an interim basis? If so, what specifically and at what interval. Thank you.

Extended Warranty

Vehicle Information: Model : 997S; Year: 2005; Mileage: 34000;

With the remainder of the factory warranty expiring next year, can or do you recommend purchasing an extended warranty?

Exhaust Sound

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2006; Mileage: 3000;

Earlier someone asked about keeping the sport exhaust on all the time. You answered to pull the vaccuum hose from the exhaust system to keep it on all the time. My question is, does the stock eshaust system have the same thing to make it sound loud too?


Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2006; Mileage: 2235;

I'm a first time Porsche owner and loving it.I'm juat wondering why the 996 in your category is up to year 2005? I thought that the 997 starts at 2005. Please clarify. Thanks.

Launch Car Definition

Vehicle Information: Model : 997 S; Year: 2005; Mileage: 10,000;

securing spare tire

Vehicle Information: Model : 911 Carrera; Year: 2006; Mileage: 3500;

I bought the small spare tire for my vehicle that you suggested. Any ideas on how to secure it in the trunk?Thanks

GT-3 Production numbers

Vehicle Information: Model : GT-3; Year: 2007; Mileage: 100;

What are the approximate number of 2007 GT-3's; how many of those went to the US?Thanks.


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