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birds:0 911:2 REVISED

Vehicle Information: Model : 911; Year: 2005; Mileage: 2084;

I've hit two birds in the last month with this car at avg highway speed (70s). I've only had the car 2 months. The last time I hit a bird was over 10 years ago. Is this a common phenomenom with 911s or Porsche in general? Seems like the the aero dynmaics of the front of the car sucks the birds right in or am I just unlucky? So far no real damage with one hit to the front spoiler and the other to a headlight. I'm worried about the relativly unprotected radiators taking a hit.

radar detectors

Vehicle Information: Model : 997S; Year: 2005; Mileage: 1200;

I''''m considering purchasing a radar detector. Any recomnedations? Any issues or suggestions for hardwiring a unit?


Vehicle Information: Model : 997S; Year: 2005; Mileage: 3980;

What is the 5 1/4" long metal rod clipped inside the fuse box cover located in the driver's foot-well?


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