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2012 997.2 vs. 991 - Were They Both Produced That Year?

I am planning on purchasing a 2009-2012 997.2 in the next year or so. However, when I went to various sites such as, Autotrader, etc., I noticed that when I looked up 2012 911's, both 991 and 997 body styles appeared. Can you explain why both models appeared that year and which one would be more reliable? This car will be my daily driver. 


Fred Grossfeld, PCA Hurricane Region Membership Chair

2005 911 S...advice on potential purchase

Hi. I Wanted to get some feedback on a potential purchase. Is this vehicle worth considering: 2005 911 S,136K miles, 1 owner, no accidents, no paintwork, engine replaced at 77K miles, all scheduled maintenance has been performed at Porsche dealership. Note: it has the ceramic brakes.  They are asking $25,500. With that many miles, I'm concerned that I'm going to be in for a lot of repairs/maintenance. Would some of the Porsche experts out there weigh in.  Thank you in advance.


Who do you recommend for routine maintenance in SE Portland?

Where is the best source for parts?

Looking for a parts supplier that's not a dealership.  Any recommendations?

What might be causing the slight clicking sound I hear when pressing the clutch pedal?

I'm considering the purchase of a 2007 Carrera S.  It looks and drives great, except for the very noisy Bridgestone Potenza tires.  My question pertains to the clutch pedal.  The clutch engages smoothly, but makes a slight clicking sound when being pushed down.  The sound is metalic and reminds me of a spring that is maybe rubbing against another part.  Any ideas?

Garage car lift

I am interested in getting a garage lift for my 2006 911.

Does any one have any experience with lifts and can they recommend a good manufacturor that produces a quality product and is reputable?

Thank you,


977 stability problem

Stability problems with my 2009 Carrera S.

Problem 1:

Driving a DE at Virginia International Raceways I encountered a stability problem in a very mild
turn on the Front Straight at 122 MPH.  The car began to Fish Tail and was very difficult to get
under control.  My instructor agreed that it was a car problem, not the driver.

Driving the back straight which hasn’t the slightest turn the car starts to feel unstable over 115. 
Two months earlier I drove this straight at 136 and the car felt rock solid stable.

Problem 2:

Looking for a "PCA approved shop" near me.

Can anyone tell me where the closest "PCA approved shop" is near Wilmington North Carolina?

I am looking to have a tech inspection done.


Model: 911 4S, Year:2011, Mileage:9080, Type of use:Both Street & Track

Getting dirt out of radiator intakes

Model: 997, Year:2009, Mileage:50000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2009 997, I noticed while cleaning a considerable amount of, leaves, cig butts etc in the two radiator intakes. Is there an easy way to remove the plastic guards so that I can get a vacuum in there to clean the debris out?


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