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2007 997 with "wind wander"

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2007; Mileage: 5500;

ref:panorama nov 2008 "wind wander"I also have a 2007 997 that is prone to strong cross winds. My tires are summer PS-2. Could PASM be a factor?

PET-G Card

Vehicle Information: Model : 911 S; Year: 2008; Mileage: 4000;

I have two key cards, PET-G, something to do with opening the front lights. What are they for?

Storing my car

Vehicle Information: Model : Carerra S Cab.; Year: 2007; Mileage: 5400;

I am going to be on international assignment, but will be leaving my car in the garage in California for a couple of years. Is there an additive I should put in the car, any suggestions and should I put a trickle charge on it?

Windshield Washers

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2007; Mileage: 4,000;

My windshield washers do not hit where they should on the windshield. When I brought it in for service the dealer told me that they are not adjustable and have not been for 10 years. This is very hard to believe. Is it correct?

2005 997 converting a 2005 Carrera into a certified used car

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2005; Mileage: 10,310;

How can I turn my 2005 997 into a certified pre owned car. I am the original owner and under four years in time., and 10K miles.I recently did this with my BMW-- it seemed to be no problem, just paperwork.One local dealer said it can't be done. Help- I'm willing to pay.Thanks, JC

Fuel Tank Filling

Vehicle Information: Model : 911 C2S; Year: 2008; Mileage: 2000;

The gas pump tends to click off when the fuel tank is only full. How do you ensure the tank is full without overflowing it?

loud roar

Vehicle Information: Model : 911S; Year: 2006; Mileage: 14200;

starting at around 50 MPH there is a roar / hum that gets louder till around 58 MPH. The sound seems to come and go, never completely going away. This annoying noise seems to have started in the last 3 to 4K miles.

2005 Porsche 997 Product Service Bulletins

Vehicle Information: Model : Carrera 997; Year: 2005; Mileage: 25000;

Does the PCA keep a list of preferably downloadable PSB's for my car so I can take it to the dealer for repair? It would be nice to know what Porsche already knows about problems with my vehicle.Thanks.

Head Lamps

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2006; Mileage: 5975;

How can I prevent the yellowing or blurring of the headlamps as they get older. I see most cars having 'cataracts' whether American/European/Japanese cars having this problem as the cars get older. And, is there a way to fix the headlamps besides changing the whole assembly?

Production for the 997 GT3

Vehicle Information: Model : 997 GT3; Year: 2007; Mileage: 4000;

What were the production numbers - totals for the 2007 997 GT3 and how many were provided to the US market?Thanks Peter...


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