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Factory Shop Manual Availability

Vehicle Information: Model : 997 Carrera Coupe; Year: 2007; Mileage: 7500;

You have mentioned that there are no factory service manuals available for later model cars like my 2007 Carrera, and God knows, I have hunted for one myself with no success. Recently, I ran across a CD-ROM copy of a service manual on the Vertex web site. They say it is Part WKD484721 and swear it is the real thing. Cost is $150. Any comments? Have you possibly seen it? BTW, the site URL is

Warninh Light

Vehicle Information: Model : 997 c2; Year: 2006; Mileage: 11500;

I have a 07 997 C2 with approx 11,500 miles and the warning light just switched on. This light is the Emission Control Warning Light (Check Engine #17 in the owners manual). I am not sure if it matters but the car has not been driven in the past two months but it has been started a few times to keep things lubricated.Any particular reason for the light turning on?

Service indicator( reminder) on dash

Vehicle Information: Model : 911 Carrera S; Year: 2007; Mileage: 4,000;

Is there w way for me to delete the dash service reminder after I change oil? My dealer tell me they are the only ones who can do it for $45.Is there a service manual avaliable for 2007 911S?

warrantee and oil changes

Vehicle Information: Model : 996/997; Year: 2005; Mileage: xxxx;

Peter, Several guy and I were talking and the question came up. If you take your car 2003 to 2007 to some other place beside the dealership to have the oil change does that void the Porsche Warrantee.I said it shouldn't if you use the correct oil/Porsche filters/o-rings etc. And you keep records/receipts with dates and Who did the service.Do you know for sure...

Sport Exhaust 2009 - 997

Vehicle Information: Model : 911; Year: 2009; Mileage: None;

Am getting ready to order new 2009 - 911. Can get car in Sept, but Sport Exh not avail until Nov deliveries. Dealer trying to convince me to take Sept delivery and let him install SE when factory releases it. Not sure if this is a good idea - especially since they have to install a dash switch. You have any thoughts about this?Thanks much.

2007 997 GT3 tech/service/repair manuels

Vehicle Information: Model : 997 gt3; Year: 2007; Mileage: 14,000;

the "tech q&a" pano 4/08 indicates "...there is nothing on paperor on CD's..."[re:repair manuals] on the gt3. "porsche has gone toan online system..." So the question is how does one " get into "the " on line system " that porsche has ??? Every car that I haveowned has some sort of repair/service/tech manuel.thanks for your help.....michael

Hide A Key

Vehicle Information: Model : Carerra S, (Manual, Coupe); Year: 2005; Mileage: 12206;

Please advise on my desire to have a magnetized hidden key device attached under my car. Would you have any suggestions on whether this is a good idea and if so, recommend a magnetic device. Thanks so much for your advice.


Vehicle Information: Model : 911; Year: 2006; Mileage: 16000;

Hi-I am in about to purchase a 2006 911 Cab with 16,000 miles on it form a BMW dealer. What do you recommend is the best warranty to get? BMW is offering platinum converge through WG Western General. For $5500.00 it will cover "everything" to 100,000 miles. Have you heard of this insurance company WG?Is it best to go to a Porsche dealer for a extended warranty?Thanks for the input!

wind wander

Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2007; Mileage: 11000kms;

I did a euro delivery of my 997 in april '07 and found that high winds and high speeds are not fun. I assumed that the speeds I was driving at had more to do with the rocking and figured that at "normal" speeds it would go away. It didn't. I thought that a car with this kind of size and handling would be solid in all but hurricane force winds. Am I just expecting more than is reasonable? The car feels great at the DE events.Cheers


Vehicle Information: Model : 997S; Year: 2006; Mileage: 9600;

Are service requirements such as oil changes, brake flush, etc. required to be performed at the dealership or can they be done by an independent shop or by the owner while maintaining all receipts? What is required at the two year point for a car with 9600 miles? I do not want to put the warranty in jeopardy. Thank you.


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