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Squeaky Front Suspension

About 18 months ago, having moved from Montreal (Humid) to Calgary (Dry) Alberta, a problem I had never noticed driving in Quebec became apparent. When the car is cold (or even driven in winter in Alberta) it does not seem to squeak at all. When I start driving it is hardly noticeable. After 15-20 minutes the amount of "squeaking" becomes bothersome to the point of be embarrassed when city driving with pedestrians being able to hear it as well. When cold and I press on left front quarter panel, and can hardly hear anything.

Front suspension too low after being lowered

I had the car lowered with a H&R spring kit by Scan Automotive in North Van. The front end is now too low. The tires rub and it does not look "right" (the front end is lower than the back). The goal was to have the car sit level with even 'gap' (the distance from the tire to the top of the wheel well) at all four corners. The front end needs to be lifted and I am looking for recommendations / advise. Thanks 

negative camber of rear wheels 997s

Model: 997s, Year:2007, Mileage:35000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
what can be done to remove the negative camber on the rear wheels of a 2007 997s?

gt3 sway bars

Model: 997 S, Year:2006, Mileage:80000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Mine -- '06 997 S, no modifications. I'm doing more DEs and am considering installing beefier sway bars. One P guy suggested using GT3 stock bars. What do you think? Would it work? If you don't think the GT3 bars are a good idea, any suggestions??? Thx

Lowering Springs on PASM equipped 997

Model: Carrera S, Year:2007, Mileage:37000, Type of use:Street use only
I want to lower my car just a little biit maybe no more than .5" but I'm afraid it might ruin the ride comfort. I don't track my car so it's all for aesthetic reason. Just to close the fender gap. I'm thinking of going with Bilstein springs but question is how will it affect the ride both with PASM ON or OFF?

wheel spacers

Model: 997S, Year:2007, Mileage:50k, Type of use:Street use only
can i use wheel spacers to fill out fender gap, for a more aggressive look?

model differences

Model: Carrera S, Year:2010, Mileage:10000k, Type of use:Street use only
are there any front suspension differences between the 997 Carrera S made from 95 to 98 and from 99 to 2010 ?

GTS -20MM suspension

Model: 996-110, Year:2002, Mileage:25000, Type of use:Street use only

jack stands

Model: 997 , Year:2006, Mileage:9100, Type of use:Street use only
I would like to do minor services to my C2S myself and would like to know where to put the jack stands once I have lifted the car with the lift points. Below is a part of an answer from a question about "jacking up the car" dated 01.17.2011. It says to use jack stands but it doesn't say where to put them. I realy do not want to bend anything."I would recommend lifting one corner at a time from the supplied lift points and supporting the vehicle with jack stands"Thanks,

jacking up the car

Model: 911S, Year:2011, Mileage:156, Type of use:Street use only
Hi ,Can I use the suspension beam to lift up the car with and hydraulic jack.Also is there a place on the front to do the same .Porsche 2011 911S.Thank you


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