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tiptronic emergency icon coming on

a few times in the past month the "tiptronic emergency" script and icon showed up in red in my odometer, and the "D" for drive flashed red, alternating with the "4" in red in the manual gear indicater, which is a parallel column to the tiptronic gear indicator.   I drove the car for another mile or so, but since the D and 4 lights were flashing you couldn't tell if the car was shifting or not...maybe it was stuck in 4th, I'm not sure.

I turned off the engine, waited a few minutes and restarted and the problem went away, but has re-occured intermittently.  Any idea what this is?

Clutch Nearing End of Life?

I recently took my 2009 C2S to my Indy shop because I felt a slight vibration in the clutch pedal upon engagement into 1st gear. He took it for a test drive and told me that he did not notice any unusual vibration, however, he did sense that the clutch pedal was engaging 1st gear half way off the floor. He told me that this was an indication that my clutch was nearing end of life. He caveated that by telling me that I probably had 1,000 to 2,000 miles remaining before the clutch failed. I have no clutch slippage whatsoever and am very easy on my clutch at launch.

Hard shifting into first gear

Hard shifting into first gear/make clunking noise when shifting gears

can't shift into reverse

Twice now, our 2006 911S has refused to go into reverse. On the first occasion, after it sat a while, it worked fine. This time, after it sat a while, it went into reverse once than wouldn't do it again. Can any one tell me what the problem is? Hopefully it's not an internal problem. 


Alan Amerian

noise with clutch below 1,500 RPM

I have a 2005 911, a C2S launch edition 997 with PCCBs and a manual six-speed and I absolutely love it but have one problem: it sometimes, but not always, makes a loud scraping / lurching noise while accellerating in first gear when the engine is below 1,500 RPM but nowhere near stalling, typically between 1,000-1,500 RPM. It only happens perhaps 25% to 50% of the time when accelerating from a stop and never happens while driving or if I make sure the engine stays above 1,500 RPM when accellerating slow or hard in first gear from a stop.

Manual Transmission First Gear Grinding

I just purchased another Porsche from my local Porsche dealer.  It is a 2005 996 with a 6 speed manual and 38K miles.  I believe it has a transmission problem.  Sometimes it will not go into first gear.  You have to go into second or even let out the clutch to get it in gear.  Many times you think it is in gear but it pops out when you let out the clutch.  Dealer says this is normal.  They experienced the problem right in front of me.  Maintenance writer ground first gear and said sometimes that happens!  I am a Porsche guy and know what a Porsche trans does! Am I off base.  My pasted exper

997 Shifter Cable

I have a 997 Carrera 4S Cab with 13000 miles. I use this car for street driving, never tracker. The shifter cable fail while driving. I thought the linkage broke but was told the cable itself broke. How could this happen? Faulty cable? I appreciate your feedback 

gear selector hard to move

Model: 997, Year:2006, Mileage:30000, Type of use:Street use only
thought I had submitted this - but maybe not. My center console gear selector is very hard to move after after periods of use. Does not happen all the time - maybe occasionally after long drives - D to P, D to R, etc Just very hard to move. Any ideas? Thanks!PS it's a Tiptronic

pros and cons of a std 6 versus pdk in a 997.2

Model: none, Year:n/a, Mileage:n/a, Type of use:Street use only
Mr. Dustin Aydt: Thank you for answering my question regarding the performance differences between 2006 C4S and 2007 C2 ('Pamorama', Oct'12). As you advised, I am now looking for a '09 997.2 C4S. Would you recommend a manual 6 speed or a PDK transmission and why? Again thank you. Frank L Smith


Model: 911 S, Year:2012, Mileage:500, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I find the PDK regular steering wheel paddle shifters to be counter-intuitive, i.e. you can shift either up or down with both the left and right paddles. The only fix is the sports steering wheel which to install is $1,550 plus 3 hours labor.Do you know of a less expensive fix?Thanks so much,Barry Smith


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