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Best Certified Porsche Collision Repair Dallas?

I am writing to get recommendations on the best Porsche Approved Collision Center in the Dallas area.  I got rear-ended this morning and received damage to the rear panel and parking sensors at a minimum.  It was a low speed collision but i'm also concerned since the frame, exhaust, and engine are all back there as well.  The two approved collision centers i've found are Stuarts and Park Place Bodywerks; has anyone had any good or bad experiences to help me decide where to take it for repair?

Moisture in tail light

When getting my 911 991.2 commercially washed, it retains moisture in the driver's  side tail light. The car is under warranty. What should the dealer do to correct/solve this problem?

Soft Top Control Fault

My soft top will not open and I am getting an error message that reads "Soft Top Control Fault". I believe it has something to do with the windscreen sensor as I pushed the button to bring up the windscreen yesterday but it did not fully extend. I'm thinking that the sensor may think that it is open and that's why the top is not being allowe dto operate properly.

Any way to attempt a sensor reset myself or is this a take it to the dealer kind of fix?


Sunroof Rattles

Does anyone have trouble with their open sunroof rattling on the open bumpy road?   Porsche had to completely replace mine and it's still got problems.     I had an Acura with a sunroof and never a problem.



<p>I am a member of PCA and i<span style="line-height:1.6em">&nbsp;drive a PORSCHE CARRERA 911 - 2010 and the factory warranty for 50 K expires on 12.31. I have about 25700 miles on it as of today.</span></p>

<p>Can someone please recommend a good place to buy the extended coverage? Any other options besides buying it from the dealership?</p>

<p>Please advise!! Many thanks for all your help.</p>

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