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How much horsepower will the Cobb Tuner increase my 2013 911?

I have a 2013 911 Carrera 3.4. I am thinking about adding a Cobb Tuner. I already had added a Fabspeed intake kit. How much horsepower increase would have accomplish doing this modification? Is it worth the money?

2014 porsche inspection

I live in South Florida I purchased a 2014 porsche 911 from a dealer in Boston.  low miles 991 carrera S GT silver I found. Low miles car,CPO car so im pretty sure its in great mechanical shape. Quesiton? : Can the local dealership service department hook it up to a computer to get me a print out of any diagnostic codes issues? For example.. someone told me that the car computer maintains a log of how many times the car was over reved , low oil, etc. Is that possible for me to ask the porsche dealer to hook it up to the service dept. computer and email me a diagnostic report?

Has anyone installed SharkWerk's Sport Exhaust on a 991 C2?


I'm a new Porsche owner and new PCA member -- apologies if this post is in the wrong place...

I'm thoroughly enjoying my 991C2 but wish the exhaust note was a bit deeper, and more throaty.  I was thinking about installing the Porsche Sport Exhaust, then I saw the videos of the SharkWerks Sport Exhaust.  Great sound, resembles the PSE sound, but you can't turn it 'off' without removing the exhaust system. 

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