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Ordered like this from factory?

I have a 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo with the air vent openings in front of the back tires that can usually be found with the slant-nose.  But my car has the stove-pipe headlights.  I have been trying to find out if this was ordered from the factory like this.  

The VIN is WP0JB0936HS050588.  I've done some searching and can't seem to determine if this is how it came from the factory or not.  

Anyone have any ideas of where I should look to find this information?



Does anyone have a source for the decals inside engine cover?

Hello, I have recently installed a GT-2 wing and engine cover on my 2013 TT (997.2). I have transferred everything I can from the old engine cover but was wondering if someone has a source for the different decals located on the inside cover. One is the Mobile oil sticker and one is the emissions control information sticker. Just trying to make everything proper! As always, your help is greatly appreciated.



Rear wing conversion

Does changing the rear wing assembly from the factory operated wing to a fixed GT2 wing have any significant impact on the aero/downforce at the rear of the car, and if so does it require any changes or adjustments at the front of the car to keep the correct balance?

front spoiler

Model: 996 Turbo Coupe, Year:2001, Mileage:60,000, Type of use:Street use only

Rear Spoiler Error Code

Model: 996 Turbo Coupe, Year:2001, Mileage:60,000, Type of use:Street use only
2001 Turbo Coupe, 60,000 milesI have seen on two different, widely-separated, days now, warning lights and error on dash display regarding spoiler control, yet there is no noticeable problem in its operation and nothing visibly wrong. What action seems appropriate? Would you think that there are informative codes stored? Anything that a moderately skilled home mechanic could check? I assume that the worst case scenario is that the unit becomes stuck in one position. Is that accurate?

930 front valance

Model: 930, Year:1987, Mileage:31200, Type of use:Street use only
What is the correct way to refinish the front valance and lower rockers that have the textured rock guard finish? Thanks in advance.


Model: 911 turbo, Year:1994, Mileage:48000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a turbo 3.6. I lost the . from 3.6 I went to the dealer and ordered a new badge but the finish of the chrome had a texture to it and the badge on the car is smooth polished chrome. Do you know where I can just get a . to replace the one i lost?

2001 Turbo Front Bumperette removal

Model: Turbo, Year:2001, Mileage:16000, Type of use:Street use only
I have had conflicting info on removing the front bumperettes on early 2001 turbos. Are they indeed removable? How is it done if so? Is the result look as if they weren't there, or will there be holes in bumper cover? Thanks


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